A Peek into My Life

If I could live anywhere, I think I would want to return to my heritage.  I have always wanted to visit England, and I know, that some day I am destined to.

I have already written about my love of a good cloudy day, or a rainy day inspiration.  I love the history that the homeland holds.

My grandparents actually lived in England, while my grandfather was in the service.  I love hearing about where they lived and how things we similar, but different from the US

I am throughly enjoying that the summer 2012 Olympics are being held there, and am in awe of getting to see the country side.

Being able to see and be in the same place(s) of some of the greatest writers in history would be amazing and living where true royalty resides would be incredible.

God save the Queen.


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  1. I'd love to live in England again , i only got to stay in London but i would love to see more