Sweetness Overload ~ Currently

Abernathy in her new little carry around bag.  Look at those big eyes.  She is such a little baby.

  • Listening: Murder by Death.  That voice.  That sound.
  • Reading: Fifth Avenue, 5 am.  Still.  It is a really good read, plus I am in a little stylish book club with it. Dean St. Society.  Check out the blog
  • Watching: Hatfields & McCoys on the History Channel.  <3 
  • Working On: figuring out what to do for my birthday.  Oh and potty training a new puppy.
  • Thinking About: This summer is already flying by.  I know that it is not "officially" summer yet, but really, in my mind, summer starts Memorial Day Weekend.  I always knew that when it was time for my birthday, July 5th, that summer was almost over.  The heat was usually high, the summer mid-way through, and the county fair almost in full swing.  Just so you know, I love county fairs.  Growing up in southern Missouri, the Ozark Empire Fair was something that I looked forward to every year.  The were, of course, the rides and scary carnies, but my favorite place to visit was the out building that were full of record breaking produce from local farmers, baked goodies such as pies, cookies, and delicious items baked, tasted, judged, and prized.  These buildings I could spend so much time.  Well, that and always getting a mini jug of A&W Root beer!
  • Anticipating: Mermaid Photoshoot.  With that on the horizon, what else is there to anticipate?
  • Eating: I have most recently become a little obsessed with Jimmy Johns sandwiches.  I always get a #6 with no avocado.  I don't know what they put in/on/by their sandwiches, but they are tasty.
  • Wishing: I could find more energy during the evening hours.  I am usually so exhausted from work, that the first thing on my mind is getting home, taking a hot, relaxing shower, putting on some PJs or very comfortable clothes and crawling into bed with Mr. E and all the dogs.  I love that they just make a little dog pile on top of us.  Usually, Mr. E makes some popcorn and we end the night watching a movie or TV.  It is the best way to end any day, especially the really crappy ones.

  • Stay Sweet,


    1. Book title has me interested... can we get a little summary? I'm going to the Grand Canyon for our birthday, woo! Jimmy Johns puts crack in their sandwiches. I always get the #6, extra avocado. I also wish I had more energy in the evening hours and that summer would slow down already.

      1. Yeah the book is about the making of breakfast at tiffany's. It is a glimpse into the life of Audrey Hepburn during the filming and making of the movie. really easy and interesting read!