Sweet Nothings for the Weekend & Birthday Giveaway #3

This weekend is already filling up!  Watching a show in Weston, MO with friends at a very cool bar, CHECK.  Thrifting and shopping for photo shoots, CHECK.  Mailing out Bridal Shower invites, and securing goodies for that shower, CHECK.

I hope the Mr. and I can finish up some DIY projects around the house, some I am very excited to document and blog about because, I am sure that you have similar items to do the same things too!  (sometimes you just need the inspiration, right?!)

Are you gearing up for summer, in full effect?  Do you have your Fourth of July plans sealed?

The only other thing I need to do, is find myself and pool and chill!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Ummm does that say Devyn L... is the winner of the Retro Vixen raffle?? WOOOT to the WOOT..?! This might just be the best week ever..

    1. Ummmm yes Devyn L, you are the winner!

  2. Whew! I need to be pampered! ;-)
    dani, goodgodthehottnessofthedani@gmail.com