Simple Saturday Insight

If you could have dinner with anyone in history, who would it be and what would you eat?

Most of you know that I have a large love affair with Abraham Lincoln.  I  mean, who doesn't love a tall, honest man?  I have been more than obsessed with this man for a long, long time and I would gladly spend time with him, if I were given the chance.  And, hello, I would cook him dinner, a vegetarian one, and have him in my house!  I am sure ol' honest Abe, would love my vegetarian faire and we could then relax, and get down to brass tacks over a cuppa tea, or seven.

Not only was Lincoln a great man, but he was a great leader during one of the most trying times in our nation's history.  A nation divided is where we were in the mid 1800's and, strangely enough, where we are heading now.  With so many 'issues' on the table, human rights, unemployment, oil prices, etc, one is left wondering how long our country can sustain itself, especially when the majority of the country does not agree with how law makers are making decisions.

I side neither with democrats, nor republications, and never plan to get political on the blog.  Mostly because politics seem to be way over my head, and way out of my comfort zone for discussion.  I do, however, think that if America were to get back on track, it is going to take someone, with the strength and courage of Lincoln, to do so.

I have so much admiration for our 16th President and would love to just listen to anything he had to say.  Lincoln came from poverty and made a path for himself the superceded anything I am sure he could dream of.  To me, that is something to be cherished!

Who would you have dinner with?

Stay Sweet 


  1. I would love to have dinner with coco chanel , she is my idol she brought up one of the worlds most iconic brands from nothing and being a woman at the time was even harder and of course we would have some sort of gourmet french meal lol

    1. i love this answer!!! CC is an amazing brand with an amazing legacy!

  2. David Bowie! Then I would make him sing Dance Magic.