A peek into my life

 I thought it might be fun to give you all an even better view into my life.  I mean, this blog is all about me, so why not share fun little moments?  I would love to see/hear/read this little moments in your life too.

One thing I love to do is go grocery shopping.  I find shopping for food similar to therapy.  Now, I am not entire sure that is a very healthy way to view grocery shopping, but I don't care, and let me tell you why.

  • Grocery stores are, usually, very orderly.  I love all the groupings of similar items.  I love that everything has a category, and everything has an appropriate home at the store.  (This makes me a very big type A personality)
  • Grocery stores are clean.  There is no way I would want to purchase anything, that I put into my body, from a store that is not visibly clean.
  • I can pick up items to lift my spirit, feed my body, mind, and soul, and give me energy all in one place!
  • I enjoy shopping, especially with coupons, because it reminds me of a treasure hunt.  I want to save myself and my family money, plus who doesn't like hearing "You saved $xx.xx today"?
Grocery Shopping, especially in the summertime, instantly reminds me of my childhood.  Falling out of the car, into the hot, summer stickiness, and then feeling the rush of cool air as the sliding doors open around you.  That is an instant comfort to me. 

 I know that as I enter the store, the fate of my next two weeks is just beyond the carts.  I like to shop about every two weeks, sometimes it stretches to once a month, but normally we plan meals, snacks, parties, etc, two weeks out.  

With that in mind, here are some of my favorite things, that usually always end up in my cart:

  • Milk.  I really like horizon organic milk, or milk from a local dairy in KC, Shatto.
  • Bread.  I am a big fan of any bread that doesn't contain high fructose corn syrup.
  • Amy's Organic Frozen Dinners.  I take these for lunch and my favs are enchilada dinner, brown rice and teriyaki vegetables, and macaroni and cheese.  These seriously don't taste like a frozen dinner at all.
  • Luna Bar.  Smores or Peanut Butter Honey Pretzel.  Amazing and great in the morning!
  • Iced Tea Bags.
  • Twizzlers.  
What do you love to get when you are shopping for your family?

Stay Sweet,

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  1. Gurl, i should hire you to do my grocery shopping! I hate it, I always spend too much and forget something I need. I desperately want to be an organized person, but I am just a scatter-brain at heart.