Nearly Famous Pinup Wednesday!

 // Honey Hudson // Facebook //

Age: 24

Occupation: Stay at home mom and model.

Where are you from: Oklahoma.

Favorite Photographer to work with: I do not have a favorite, there are a lot of really great photographers that do awesome work! To me a photographer is kind of like my
heels....I keep trying different ones but they are all my favorite.

Featured photos: All are from Viva Van Story Photography(photographer), Mua is Margherita Glitterbug Makeup.

Location: New York.

About featured photos: They were taken in November 2011. They are my favorite because they are unique and they were taken with real sets. 

How long I have been modeling/ enjoying photography: I started at 13. I have always enjoyed photography, even as a child I loved pictures and taking them. Now, instead of being behind the camera, I am im front of it! I started PinUp in November 2011.

Favorite Pinup Models? Past/Present Inspiration: I love all of the past PinUp Models, The Bomber Girls, Marilyn Monroe, Greta Garbo, Betty Grable, Bettie Page, etc. My 
inspiration, I guess looking at my Grandmothers vintage pictures inspired me a little, she was always beautiful with her pin curls and box hats, her heels and dresses. And other inspiration was between the sweetness of Marilyn Monroe and the naughty side of Bettie Page!

Favorite clothing lines?Favorite designers: Bernie Dexter, Lucy B, Bettie Page, Westward Bound, Purrfectly PineApples, Lucky 13, Iron Fist, ect.

If you could shoot with any photographer, who would it be?
Dangerously Dolly or Miss Missy Photography and Alvarado.

Stay Sweet,

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