Makeout Monday ~ Things I like this week with Stitch Fix #3

DV by Dolce Vita nikki grey floral maxi dress        $143

I love the idea of a maxi dress, however I am still not confident I can pull on off.  The shape of this dress was very cute.  Racerback tank style.  Light as a feather fabric.  Fun floral motif.  Even a good skinny belt.  What got me was the price tag.  If I am going to spend $150 on a dress, it is going to be a special "event" dress, not a cotton style maxi dress.  Then I looked at the designer, and realized, DV by Dolce Vita is their "cheaper" line and understood the price point.  
Cute, but I had to pass.

Everly 3/4 sleeve zig zag blouse             $38

I loved this as soon as I pulled it out of the box.  The colors are spot on for summer, coral and and mint green.  The fabric was light weight.  It fits like a well tailored tunic.  Fitted through the bust, but loose on arms and waist.  I love the detailing on the sleeve with a button and the hemline is not cut straight across.  I would wear this all summer and even layer it well into the fall.  This is a keeper!

MM Couture Parker ZigZag Dress             $78

This dress caught my eye immediately too.  I love the color combination of royal blue and a dark navy blue, almost black.  The fabric looks almost pleated and just added an extra layer of femininity and texture to the garment.  The back featured an exposed zipper, which I thought was an "edgy" detail.  The only reason I didn't keep this dress was because it was too short on me.

Aryn K ColorBlock Crinkle Dress          $88

Just the crisp white and pink and coral combination was enough for me to fall in love with this! Once I un packaged it, I realized that it had even more to offer.  The silhouette of this dress is different and has a cute back and that just screams summer dinner on a patio, please!  Super light weight fabric, and this dress could be worn shopping with your girlfriends paired with flat metallic sandals, or dressed up with some strappy sandals and lots of bangles for dinner.  Instant Keeper!

Stitch Fix sent me another "fix" of goodies, and once again, they did well!  I really liked everything that I got, but didn't keep it all.  Plus the last two fixes have included a little extra, this time a coaster, a really nice one, and last time a package of cute post-it style notes! I love extras!

What do you think?  Would you have kept anything different?

Stay Sweet,


  1. Go to Marshall's and pick up a Maxi dress for $19.99... they are great for days you feel like dressing lazy but still want to look cute! :) Love the two things you picked.

  2. I love the pieces you got, especially that coral and white dress! I think I would have a hard time with the "sending stuff back" part.

    1. yes that part is hard, but when a cotton maxi dress is $145 it is easy ha ha ha