June Highlights

June has been hot, hot, oh and hot!  I can't believe June blew by so fast, and now we are in the midst of summer.  I can't wait to see how the next month shapes up!

June Highlights
- Featured in the upcoming issue of Atomic Bombshells Magazine, as writer and model!
-Got a new PUPPY!!! What a good day!
-Sky High vs. Grounded Daily Candy Outfit Posts.
-KC Blogger Event at Off Saks 5th Ave. Super fun
-Showcased to DIY Projects: Watering Can Address Marker, Display Board 
-Had a sweet giveaway with Posh Products, Retro Vixen, Michael Kors, and a sweet Ice Cream Pop Maker and a couple other fun things! Can't wait to see what July holds for giveaways!
-Was featured on the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty Billboard in NYC Times Square.

June Catch up with NY Resolutions

The items crossed off have been finished! * means it is in progress.  I still have a ways to go, but I still have a full 6-7 months to finish it.  I just like to see how far I have come.  Have you met some of your goals?  I can't wait to see what my DIY Memory Jar has in store December 31st?
  1. Read 12 books *
  2. Visit one new state that I have never been.
  3. Save $100 per month for a rainy day fund *
  4. Lose 10 lbs, and keep it off
  5. Continue sustainable living (i.e. organic, non wasteful)
  6. Dine out 2-4 times per month
  7. No TV past 8 pm
  8. Commit to walking my dogs 4 times per week
  9. Take yoga class
  10. Teach one DIY class per month (in person, or via blog) *
  11. Update my blog layout
  12. Reset/Restyle my closet
  13. Host a swap party with friends
  14. Schedule one girls night monthly/bi-monthly
  15. Cut my coffee habit in half. (1-2 purchased lattes per week)
  16. Learn a new skill (crocheting, knitting, cake decorating etc)
  17. Refinish Laundry Room
  18. Tile Kitchen and Dining Room
  19. Start a compost pile
  20. Grow a pumpkin patch
  21. Handmade/Homemade Christmas 2012
  22. Get published in a Tattoo Magazine *
  23. Finish right arm sleeve
  24. Celebrate my 10th wedding anniversary!
  25. Not freak out about my 30th birthday. 
  26. Finish planning Ireland trip
  27. Attend a Blogging Conference
  28. Compile more outfit posts *
  29. Find five new bands to enjoy *
  30. Volunteer for Dentistry from the Heart/Dr's without borders
  31. Start a memory jar. 
  32. Visit the Caribbean
  33. Perfect Photography skills *
  34. Watch every Marilyn Monroe Film *
  35. Try one new food per month
  36. Rediscover veganism for a month
  37. Adopt a third puppy!
  38. Write at least one letter per month
  39. Participate in a food drive
  40. Have new professional photos of Mr. Elliott and I
  41. Order updated photos of friends and family to display
  42. Have professional photos of my family taken
  43. Make homemade ice cream
  44. Support local business better! *
  45. Purchase new luggage
  46. Practice Safe Sun EVERYDAY!
  47. Bake a cake, once a month, from scratch
  48. Help Mr. Elliott finish truck project
  49. Install an attic fan in our house
  50. Plan weekend trips one per season.
  51. Set up a "shop my closet" or online store
  52. Vintage shop and document it!

June Sponsor Highlights
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Mavyn Mom

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