• Watching: Boardwalk Empire.  I love the costuming of this show.  
  • Working On: being more organized.  I have always been pretty organized in my life, but I just want to get things a little more planned, a little more though out.  I am working right now on new ideas for the blog and trying to just hammer out the details.  I feel as though I have little bit of writer's block, or well, planner's block. (does that even exist?)  Also, making sure the vegetation at our house doesn't die.  So watering thing everyday and whispering sweet words to all the plants.
  • Thinking About: How our garage sale did awesome!  It is boiling hot in the midwest, but really where is it not boiling hot right now(?), so between thinking I was going to die of the heat and sweat every ounce of hydration out, making $300 on our first day is not too shabby. 
  • Anticipating: My upcoming photo shoots and my birthday. Squeeeee*
  • Eating: World Class Chocolate Ice Cream from Baskin Robbins.  To me, this is the best flavor and I don't even mess with trying any others.
  • Wishing: Two things.  I wished I either had a pool, OR this heat would leave.  I don't mind it being hot and summery, but sweet baby infant jesus, this heat is unbearable.  I think it is unbearable, and I work INSIDE in the AC.  The poor Mr. works outside, all day, in long pants and long sleeves, so I really don't deserve to complain, but I am already wishing autumn to make its journey to the midwest. (ugghh, it is only june too)
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