Blues-day Tuesday

*this is just a little session I want to call blues-day because it is basically going to just be a list of rants.  Please feel free to join in on the blues-day tuesday rant edition, because we know, we will all feel just a little bit better!

  • Summer.  I love to hate you only because I believe the heat induces people to drop all sort of social norms, and decide it is okay to "holla atcha girl" about her tattoos.  Please don't touch me, don't show me your tattoos, and really don't stare at me.  I know that summer means less clothing, so my artwork is on display, but really, let's just stop it already.
  • Women on Women hate.  Seriously.  I am so completely tired of reading/defending my choice to a. have tattoos, or b. pose for pinup photography.  It is 2012, get on the train of non hating and stop with the backhanded comments.  Didn't your mother teach you if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all?
  • When you are leaving a phone number at your doctor/dental/hair stylist etc office, please, for the love of everything sacred, slow your ass down.  There is no reason you have to speak like you are being chased by zombies.  Do you want to know why I haven't called you back?  Oh it is because you are not audible on your message and you are listed as a private caller on caller ID.
  • Why, as adults, do you still think it is acceptable to "have excuses" for everything.  I am so over excuses.  I don't care that you lost your job, so has 11% of our nation.  I don't care that your car broke down, or whatever you can come up with.  How about you just man up and tell the truth.  And stop with the excuses already
  • If you are driving under the speed limit, stay in the right lane.  Don't drive super slow and clog up traffic.  
  • If you are at the gas station, during the busiest time of the day, please don't leave you car at the pump and then proceed to go inside the station and go on a mini shopping extravaganza.  We all need to put gas in our cars and you spending 17 years outside of you car, not moving it, really grinds my gears.
  • Fat Neighborhood Raccoon.  Please stop breaking our bird feeders and branches trying to get yourself fatter.  You are making me sad, cause I just want to feed my neighborhood birds.
  • If you have a sinus infection, I don't think you should go see a movie.  I don't appreciate getting coughed on, and seriously I couldn't even pay attention to the movie because of the hacking, gagging, and coughing going on behind me.  It's called NetFlix and everyone would appreciate it if you just stay home.

Sometimes it just feels better to let it out. :)
Stay Sweet,


  1. So funny and so True... and why we are at it people, dont post flippant comments on facebook that you think are funny but are really just passive aggressively mean... I get that you think you are funny.. but I think you're an asshole!! LOL.. I have had 2 of such comments on a picture and a post this week..grrrr

  2. Beautiful girls with beautiful tattoos probably do get stared at a lot. <3