June Highlights

June has been hot, hot, oh and hot!  I can't believe June blew by so fast, and now we are in the midst of summer.  I can't wait to see how the next month shapes up!

June Highlights
- Featured in the upcoming issue of Atomic Bombshells Magazine, as writer and model!
-Got a new PUPPY!!! What a good day!
-Sky High vs. Grounded Daily Candy Outfit Posts.
-KC Blogger Event at Off Saks 5th Ave. Super fun
-Showcased to DIY Projects: Watering Can Address Marker, Display Board 
-Had a sweet giveaway with Posh Products, Retro Vixen, Michael Kors, and a sweet Ice Cream Pop Maker and a couple other fun things! Can't wait to see what July holds for giveaways!
-Was featured on the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty Billboard in NYC Times Square.

June Catch up with NY Resolutions

The items crossed off have been finished! * means it is in progress.  I still have a ways to go, but I still have a full 6-7 months to finish it.  I just like to see how far I have come.  Have you met some of your goals?  I can't wait to see what my DIY Memory Jar has in store December 31st?
  1. Read 12 books *
  2. Visit one new state that I have never been.
  3. Save $100 per month for a rainy day fund *
  4. Lose 10 lbs, and keep it off
  5. Continue sustainable living (i.e. organic, non wasteful)
  6. Dine out 2-4 times per month
  7. No TV past 8 pm
  8. Commit to walking my dogs 4 times per week
  9. Take yoga class
  10. Teach one DIY class per month (in person, or via blog) *
  11. Update my blog layout
  12. Reset/Restyle my closet
  13. Host a swap party with friends
  14. Schedule one girls night monthly/bi-monthly
  15. Cut my coffee habit in half. (1-2 purchased lattes per week)
  16. Learn a new skill (crocheting, knitting, cake decorating etc)
  17. Refinish Laundry Room
  18. Tile Kitchen and Dining Room
  19. Start a compost pile
  20. Grow a pumpkin patch
  21. Handmade/Homemade Christmas 2012
  22. Get published in a Tattoo Magazine *
  23. Finish right arm sleeve
  24. Celebrate my 10th wedding anniversary!
  25. Not freak out about my 30th birthday. 
  26. Finish planning Ireland trip
  27. Attend a Blogging Conference
  28. Compile more outfit posts *
  29. Find five new bands to enjoy *
  30. Volunteer for Dentistry from the Heart/Dr's without borders
  31. Start a memory jar. 
  32. Visit the Caribbean
  33. Perfect Photography skills *
  34. Watch every Marilyn Monroe Film *
  35. Try one new food per month
  36. Rediscover veganism for a month
  37. Adopt a third puppy!
  38. Write at least one letter per month
  39. Participate in a food drive
  40. Have new professional photos of Mr. Elliott and I
  41. Order updated photos of friends and family to display
  42. Have professional photos of my family taken
  43. Make homemade ice cream
  44. Support local business better! *
  45. Purchase new luggage
  46. Practice Safe Sun EVERYDAY!
  47. Bake a cake, once a month, from scratch
  48. Help Mr. Elliott finish truck project
  49. Install an attic fan in our house
  50. Plan weekend trips one per season.
  51. Set up a "shop my closet" or online store
  52. Vintage shop and document it!

June Sponsor Highlights
Here are just a few sweet discounts/coupons to use from our June Sponsors! Remember to keep shopping local and/or handmade!

Mention Chronicles of a Sweet Tooth and get $50 off a package
(package must originally be $200 or more)

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Mavyn Mom

Stay Sweet,



  • Watching: Boardwalk Empire.  I love the costuming of this show.  
  • Working On: being more organized.  I have always been pretty organized in my life, but I just want to get things a little more planned, a little more though out.  I am working right now on new ideas for the blog and trying to just hammer out the details.  I feel as though I have little bit of writer's block, or well, planner's block. (does that even exist?)  Also, making sure the vegetation at our house doesn't die.  So watering thing everyday and whispering sweet words to all the plants.
  • Thinking About: How our garage sale did awesome!  It is boiling hot in the midwest, but really where is it not boiling hot right now(?), so between thinking I was going to die of the heat and sweat every ounce of hydration out, making $300 on our first day is not too shabby. 
  • Anticipating: My upcoming photo shoots and my birthday. Squeeeee*
  • Eating: World Class Chocolate Ice Cream from Baskin Robbins.  To me, this is the best flavor and I don't even mess with trying any others.
  • Wishing: Two things.  I wished I either had a pool, OR this heat would leave.  I don't mind it being hot and summery, but sweet baby infant jesus, this heat is unbearable.  I think it is unbearable, and I work INSIDE in the AC.  The poor Mr. works outside, all day, in long pants and long sleeves, so I really don't deserve to complain, but I am already wishing autumn to make its journey to the midwest. (ugghh, it is only june too)
  • Sweet Nothings for the Weekend

    Last night I got to spend my evening with some super fun gals at a KC Blogger Event with Saks off 5th Ave.  We got to enjoy snacks, sangria, a DJ and some great shopping!  Plus, we each got $25 on a gift card to spend! I stocked up on some Stila Makeup, while my friend, Devyn, got a Marc Jacobs dress for $20!

    This weekend I am having a multi family garage sale (during the hottest week EVER) and shooting four sets with Vixen Pinup Photography and Dynamite Dames.  Needless to say, I have my weekend cut out for me.

    What are you doing to beat the heat?

    Stay Sweet,

    Let's talk about free goodies!

    My birthday is right around the corner, and yes, I love getting presents and goodies, but what I really love is getting free stuff or discounts from some of my favorite stores!  I thought it might be fun to share with you all great places to sign up for birthday goodies, so you can get your own!!!

    1. Sephora.  If you are part of their Beauty Insider program, then you will get a birthday gift.  the Beauty Insider program is free and a fun way to rack up points to cash in for free products. It is always something great!  This year I got two Sugar lips treatments (love)!  And last year I got a birthday cake scented Philosophy Brand body wash.  Bonus!
    2. DSW.  You will receive a coupons for $5 off your next purchase! Who doesn't love getting shoes with a discount?
    3. Helzberg Diamonds.  Since I buy and the Mr. buys all of my jewelry from there, we are on their customer list. That means every year I get some piece of jewelry for free.  This year I got a three strand set of Honora fresh water pearl bracelet.  Gorgeous and best of all free!
    4. Abuelos.  Free Birthday Lunch.
    5. Baskin Robbins.  Free Scoop of Ice Cream!
    6. Hoolihans.  Free Birthday Entree.
    7. Victoria's Secret.  $10 off next purchase coupons.  More panties here I come!
    8. Jason's Deli.  Free $5 gift card to use towards your next purchase. Yum!
    9. Starbucks.  Free birthday beverage when you registers your starbucks card! Totally worth it!
    10. Fire House Subs.  Show your ID on your birthday and get free sub!
    11. Sonic. Register with a my cruiser online and get a free birthday treat!
    12.  If you have a MyPanera card you will get a free birthday treat loaded onto your card.  I really hope mine is for a free cookie! 
    13. Aveda.  If you are registered at an aveda salon, you will get a certificate for free custom pure fume!
    14.  Einstien's Bagels.  Free bagel. I already know which one I want to get! Pretzel bagel, here I come!
    15. Old Navy.  $10 off $50 purchase coupon.  This one is a no brainer. Valid at Gap too.

    These are just a few places that offer wonderful fun FREE things!  Check for local goodies too!

    Stay Sweet,

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    So, I think some of you all were reading my mind, when I was asked to do a FAQ post!  Here are some questions that I have been asked throughout blogging and modeling, and perhaps you have been wondering some of the same things.

    If you would like to have your questions answered please feel free to send an email to chroniclesofasweettooth@gmail.com or ask on Facebook or twitter @kattydelux.

    **All answers are simply my opinion, and very well good be just a load of crap, but it is how I feel so you can either read it and think "Wow, that is a pretty good idea/thing/comment." or "This girl is totally out there."  **

    1) I always wonder this of moderately to heavily inked gals... how long did it take you to acquire all your tattoos and how do you keep them looking their brightest?

    I have only one tattoo, and it fades no matter how much sunscreen I use. Also, it was totally expensive, I don't understand how people afford them... and then have them all looking the same level of brightness!  Do they just save up and go on a tattoo rampage?

    I have been "collecting" my art for about 6 years.  There have been times when I would go to see my artist once every two weeks to get a piece finished, but there have been times where I haven't seen him for 8-10 months.  If I had a money tree, I would be covered, even more than I am in tattoos.  The Mr and I always give each other a tattoo appt gift for our birthday and for christmas, usually.  So that is an easy way to get more work done.

    To answer the second part of the question, it comes down to a few factors.  One factor would be the lightness of your skin.  I am extremely fair skinned.  Like almost translucent, so color really pops against my skin.  Another factor comes down to your tattoo artist.  Scott Shickman at The Mercy Seat, in Kansas City, is known for pumping color into every tattoo he does.  He has a 'heavy hand' but that is what makes his tattoos look amazing.  I have had my chest piece of almost 6 years, and it still looks brand new. Shickman does good color, what can I say?  Lastly, I am a crazy fiend when it comes to making sure I take care of my tattoo investments.  I use a moisturizer on my skin everyday.  I also exfoliate with a sugar or salt scrub to make sure the dead dry skin comes off and the color is popping.  In edition to that, SPF is always on my skin and tattoos. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter.

    2)You always have the most beautiful lingerie in your photoshoots. Where do you acquire most of it? I'm tired of comfortable ol' Fuit of the Loom bras. I need a little lace in my life.

    Well, thanks for noticing.  For the most part I get my lingerie at a lot of different places.  I am always keeping my eye out for retro inspired lingerie and you would be surprised where you can find it.  I also like to keep myself from breaking the bank, so I try to not go crazy at places like Secrets in Lace, What Katie Did, Girdle Bound etc.  If you are looking for a specialty item, those stores are a great place to start, however some of your local stores carry great vintage styled pieces at a fraction of the price.

    I get a lot of stuff at Victoria Secrets.  I usually stock up on pretty bras at their semi-annual sale.  Secondly I scour Amazon.  I have purchased several Rago Garter Belts from amazon for around $30 a piece, and that is a great price.  If you are not familiar with Rago, look it up.  They make great shape wear, and girdles, and are not as pricey as more mainstream lines.  Another great place to look at is, oddly enough, Target.  Especially when they are carrying "designer" brands.  When Target pairs with a well know designer (Dita Von Teese, Calypso of St Barth, The Webster, Missoni, etc) usually that designer makes some lingerie in their Target line.  I have scored some major pieces for shoots from Target!

    Next, it seems weird, but some of the best vintage pieces I have, I got at thrift stores or estate sale.  Now, if this freaks you out, I understand, but don't freak out quite yet.  Learn the term DEAD STOCK.  This means that the item was not worn, and still has the tags on it. That means it is 1. Vintage, and  2. You will be the first owner.  The best thing about this is you can dye it any shade with a box of RIT and your washing machine!

    Now, get out there and get your lingerie drawer in lacey, fabulous order!

    3)May I ask what type of undergarment (corsetry), if any, do you wear under tight fitting clothes?

    Oh girl there is always licra on these thighs! I wear spanx or target carries assets brand that is owned by the same company as spanx and is way cheaper! Also maiden form makes a great shape wear called flexees and they have a line by the costume designer for mad men. 

    4)I am a interested in becoming a pin up model, like your wonderful self.  Would you please share how you got started or whom I should talk to about this? I would greatly appreciate it! 

    The first thing I would do, is research.  Take a look around your area and find the best pinup photographers that are around.  When you find the ones that you would like to work with, that is when you start saving to get a shoot booked with them.

    One of my favorite things, that has started happening lately, is bookings with two photographers in one day.  There are a lot of pinup photographers that travel around and will schedule sessions with a local photographer.  You will usually pay a flat fee and get to shoot with two photographers on two different sets, all for one price!  It is a great way to network and get multiple shoots into your portfolio.

    It is great to find a photographer that you really mesh well with.  If you are uncomfortable around the photographer it will read that way in print.  Meet up with the person you are shooting with and make sure that you feel comfortable with them.  I will tell you and your first shoot is probably going to be a mixture or nerves and excitement, but if you are working with some one that make you feel comfortable, you will loosen up, have fun, and your photos will turn out great!

    Another piece of advice, that is covered below in question 8, is do your research, put in time to find who you want to shoot with, and be ready to put up a little cash to start your portfolio.  The better your portfolio looks, the more photographers will want to shoot with you.

    5) I'd like to start my own pin up fan page on facebook but I'm totally at a loss. If you could help me out with some advice or some tips I would really appreciate it. 

    I think every girl should have a fan page especially if they have a professional job. I agree, keep the personal page separate from the fan page! Number one, sign up for your fan page. Make sure to change the URL of your Facebook to an easy to find and remember name. EX: Facebook.com/kattydeluxfanpage

    Next upload AND credit your favorite images. If you can tag those people too do so! 

    Finally after upload and razzle dazzle invite your friends! I would be happy to promote your new page on my page to up the traffic. Ask other fellow pinup girls that you know to help promote your new page! It never hurts to ask!

    The next step is this: Get on pinup post. com and submit all your images. Irish, the guy who runs pinup post, is so nice and it is a great, easy way to get your photos out there.

    Next submit your photos to every publication you can think of. The Cat's Meow, Victory Girls, Atomic Bombshells, Retro Lovely, Pinup Perfection, Outlaw Kittens, Bachelor Pad, etc. Even if your photos are not what the current issue is looking for, they are bound to use some of them. A lot of times photographers will submit your photos for you, but that is only a slim chance, as they are usually very busy.

    And finally, in the "Industry" act like a disney princess. Be nice, be humble, and treat others the way you want to be treated, cause it is a harsh environment covered in red lipstick

    6)I just wanted to say I love your look. You are a doll. I hope I am not being too brazen and I certainly don't mean to offend.    What size do you wear? I ask because you give me hope. I cannot find a way to say it, so... I am always going to be "plus size" but want desperately to unleash the inner pinup/alter ego hiding in me. Not that you are plus size and I am by no means comparing myself to you, that would be insulting. Argghhh... this has gone totally awry.   I'm very new to embracing that part of my personality and have no idea where to begin. I rock a pretty decent retro makeup look and love the fashion, I'm just not sure how to make the leap, ya know. How did you begin or have you always had this style? 

    You know, my style has evolved every year I am alive. When I was in high school, I was pretty down to earth, but always was ahead of the fashion curve. once I got out of high school, I let my freak flag fly and was really into the hardcore/punk scene, so black lots of boots and short skirts is what I embraced. I have always had a bit of a retro vain in me, as my makeup has alway been big cat eye and red lips. As my taste started to develop, so did my wardrobe, and now I just rep what I like. Vintage with a flair for the pinup realm. This is how I look everyday, and it is not a costume, as I get asked all the time if I am wearing a costume. I embrace old hollywood glamour because it is timeless and classic and easy to replicate!

    You should start branching out! It will make you feel happier and thus make your life more enjoyable! Maybe start simply with wearing retro makeup everyday! Even if you have on jeans and a tshirt. Then after you get comfortable with that start integrating vintage into your wardrobe, and after that....RULE THE WORLD !

    Gurl, let your inner pinup out! I bet there are a lot of people that would love to see it as badly as you want to let it out!

    7)Hi,i from Italy and i love so much your style.The Pin Up style is fascinating and i want be a Pin Up girl but i fear judgment of people.I love your style and you are so beautiful.

    Hi Doll! Don't worry, I don't think you said anything bad at all! You know, my style has evolved every year I am alive. When I was in high school, I was pretty down to earth, but always was ahead of the fashion curve. once I got out of high school, I let my freak flag fly  and was really into the hardcore/punk scene, so black lots of boots and short skirts is what I embraced. I have always had a bit of a retro vain in me, as my makeup has alway been big cat eye and red lips. As my taste started to develop, so did my wardrobe, and now I just rep what I like. Vintage with a flair for the pinup realm. This is how I look everyday, and it is not a costume, as I get asked all the time if I am wearing a costume. I embrace old hollywood glamour because it is timeless and classic and easy to replicate!

    You should start branching out! It will make you feel happier and thus make your life more enjoyable! Maybe start simply with wearing retro makeup everyday! Even if you have on jeans and a tshirt. Then after you get comfortable with that start integrating vintage into your wardrobe, and after that....RULE THE WORLD !

    Gurl, let your inner pinup out! I bet there are a lot of people that would love to see it as badly as you want to let it out!

    PS I am a size 10, 8 on a good day

    8) So I was curious how do you decide what photographers to work with, if some are unknown and male do you ever get worried that he could be a creeper? Do you go alone or do you bring someone along?  

    This is a great question.  I usually only work with photographer that I have got to know on some level.  If you are approached, by either internet or in person, by a photographer, you can always request a "meeting" with them.  I usually like to meet up with them over coffee, somewhere public, and get a feel for them.  Also, contact some of the people that they have worked with.  If you get a lot of positive responses, chances are they are going to be good to work with.

    Something else to keep in mind, if you are just doing this for fun, then really shoot with who you know.  If you are doing this to build a portfolio, then quantity is not always better then quality.  Nothing in this world is free, so go ahead and save up some money and pay for some shoots with the best photographers in your area.  You are guaranteed to get work that is worth your time and worth your portfolio's time.

    I don't EVER shoot with anyone I feel uncomfortable with.  I don't take every shoot that I am offered.  I also don't take an escort with me.  If I feel comfortable, then I go with it.  There is something to trusting your instincts.  If you meet or talk with the photographer and get an uneasy feeling, chances are, your feelings are right.  LISTEN TO THEM.

    Remember, just because someone has a camera DOES NOT MAKE THEM A PHOTOGRAPHER.  Everyone, in every industry, has to pay their dues, so don't expect fantastic things from something you are getting for free.  If you are asking for free shoots, then you deserve the quality that you get with "free" shoots.

    Some people are lucky to get "discovered" by photographers, and yes, they get to shoot for free with them, but trust me, trade is trade.  They will work hard for you and you will work hard for them.  I will tell you, this is few and far between, if it happens.  Don't count it out that is won't happen to you, but don't expect every photographer to want to shoot you for free.  That is a poor attitude to have.

    Stay sweet,

    Nearly Famous Pinup Wednesday

    // Nina Elizabeth // Model Mayhem // Facebook //

    Age: 21

    Occupation: Student, Model

    Where are you from: NYC baby

    Favorite photographer to work with: ***I used to model couture fashion, now I'm dipping into alternative work. So far, Candy Lust has been my only alt photographer and I love the photos she took to help build my alternative portfolio

    Artist/Photographer/location of featured photo(s) ***Candy Lust

    Tell me about your featured photo(s). When were they taken? Why are they your favorite? ***My featured photos were taken by Candace CandyLust in her studio. The hair was done by alt model, burlesque dancer, Minnie d'Moocha.  I love everything about these photos. I put these outfits together myself, so they really are a piece of me. The photos are revealing and chic, taking the onlooker back to a classic era. I adore what Candy brought out of me.

    How long have you been modeling/enjoying photography?
    I started modeling when I was 17.  I have modeled for Modern Magazine, Exit magazine, Bare Naked Bake Sale (philanthropist crowd-funding campaign raising money for Pink Jams in breast cancer awareness) with JennCity; former Kittie / Suicide City bassist and Nike. I have also modeled Fashion Week events for Strange Vixen Inc. Clothing with alt model Raquel Reed, Venus Pain Creations, and for designer, Gerald Bazile; in the "Duroseau" Collection. 

    Who are your favorite Pinup Models? Past or present inspiration? Dita Von Teese and Raquel Reed

    What is some of your favorite clothing lines? ***Favorite Designers? My favorite clothing lines are Tripp NYC, Living Dead Souls, Kreepsville 666, Poizen Industries, Too Fast, Sourpuss, Cyberdog, Lip Service, Harajuku Lovers, Betseyville, and Hell Bunny. Favorite designers: Betsey Johnson, Daang Goodman, and Patricia Field.

    If you could shoot with any photographer, who would it be? Peter Diablow, from Amsterdam 

    Stay Sweet,

    Makeout Mondays ~ Things I love this week

    This series of photos are amazing.  Blending imagination with food! 

    Barbie Martini. Yes please!

    Do you know what time it is? Via

    Sweetness Overload Currently

  • Listening: Fiona Apple's new album, The Idler Wheel is Wiser than the Drive.  I have always loved Fiona Apple.  I especially love cruising around, in my car, blaring Ms. Apple and singing at the top of my lungs.  Her music is therapeutic and feels like my youth.  So good, and so angsty.
  • Reading: Just started reading The Night Circus.  I can tell I am already going to like it.  Are you reading it? I hear it might be made into a movie.  
  • Watching: The only thing I have been watching lately is my fingers typing.  
  • Working On: Articles, writing, and getting new stuff up on my Styled by a Sweet Tooth store. I need more hours in the day.
  • Thinking About: I am having a garage sale this upcoming weekend, and I need to get everything together and ready to go.  Sometimes these types of things stress me out, but having crap just lying around my house stresses me out more.  
  • Anticipating: My upcoming photo shoots and my birthday. Squeeeee*
  • Eating: I have recently become obsessed with Ramen style noodles.  Like, I can't get enough of them.
  • Wishing: The more I think about it, the more I really wish I was just independently wealthy. I wished I didn't have to work to make a living.  I wished I could just do what I am passionate about, set my own schedule, and just help people.  But who doesn't wish that?

  • Stay Sweet,

    A peek into my life

    What is your love language?

    For those of you who don't know what a "love language" is, let me introduce you.  Back in the day, when I was just sold out for religion, I read this book about the 5 Love Languages that one can "speak."  Again, I don't endorse religion at all anymore.  I do, however, think the book is onto something that has nothing to do with Jesus, God, Mohhamed, or any of the other fine deities.

    If you are looking for a way to better show your love to your partner, or family, it is a pretty simple idea and very quick and easy read.  

    Through the above website, you can take an assessment to find out what your love language is.  I think that out of the 30 questions it asks you, they are kind of redundant, but it takes like 2 minutes to do.

    The categories that you can score in are Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Receiving Gifts, Acts of Service, and Physical Touch.  My highest scores were Receiving Gifts and Words of Affirmation.

    Receiving Gifts
    Don’t mistake this love language for materialism; the receiver of gifts thrives on the love, thoughtfulness, and effort behind the gift. If you speak this language, the perfect gift or gesture shows that you are known, you are cared for, and you are prized above whatever was sacrificed to bring the gift to you. A missed birthday, anniversary, or a hasty, thoughtless gift would be disastrous–so would the absence of everyday gestures.

    Stay Sweet,
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    Sweet Nothings for the Weekend & Birthday Giveaway #3

    This weekend is already filling up!  Watching a show in Weston, MO with friends at a very cool bar, CHECK.  Thrifting and shopping for photo shoots, CHECK.  Mailing out Bridal Shower invites, and securing goodies for that shower, CHECK.

    I hope the Mr. and I can finish up some DIY projects around the house, some I am very excited to document and blog about because, I am sure that you have similar items to do the same things too!  (sometimes you just need the inspiration, right?!)

    Are you gearing up for summer, in full effect?  Do you have your Fourth of July plans sealed?

    The only other thing I need to do, is find myself and pool and chill!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

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    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    A peek into my life

     I thought it might be fun to give you all an even better view into my life.  I mean, this blog is all about me, so why not share fun little moments?  I would love to see/hear/read this little moments in your life too.

    One thing I love to do is go grocery shopping.  I find shopping for food similar to therapy.  Now, I am not entire sure that is a very healthy way to view grocery shopping, but I don't care, and let me tell you why.

    • Grocery stores are, usually, very orderly.  I love all the groupings of similar items.  I love that everything has a category, and everything has an appropriate home at the store.  (This makes me a very big type A personality)
    • Grocery stores are clean.  There is no way I would want to purchase anything, that I put into my body, from a store that is not visibly clean.
    • I can pick up items to lift my spirit, feed my body, mind, and soul, and give me energy all in one place!
    • I enjoy shopping, especially with coupons, because it reminds me of a treasure hunt.  I want to save myself and my family money, plus who doesn't like hearing "You saved $xx.xx today"?
    Grocery Shopping, especially in the summertime, instantly reminds me of my childhood.  Falling out of the car, into the hot, summer stickiness, and then feeling the rush of cool air as the sliding doors open around you.  That is an instant comfort to me. 

     I know that as I enter the store, the fate of my next two weeks is just beyond the carts.  I like to shop about every two weeks, sometimes it stretches to once a month, but normally we plan meals, snacks, parties, etc, two weeks out.  

    With that in mind, here are some of my favorite things, that usually always end up in my cart:

    • Milk.  I really like horizon organic milk, or milk from a local dairy in KC, Shatto.
    • Bread.  I am a big fan of any bread that doesn't contain high fructose corn syrup.
    • Amy's Organic Frozen Dinners.  I take these for lunch and my favs are enchilada dinner, brown rice and teriyaki vegetables, and macaroni and cheese.  These seriously don't taste like a frozen dinner at all.
    • Luna Bar.  Smores or Peanut Butter Honey Pretzel.  Amazing and great in the morning!
    • Iced Tea Bags.
    • Twizzlers.  
    What do you love to get when you are shopping for your family?

    Stay Sweet,