Thirsty Thursdays

I love Sun Tea more than you know.  I remember my mom making this all summer, and it would always be waiting for my brother and I when we can inside from running amok outside.
I usually use a glass jar or a BIG glass container.  Fill the jar with water and tea bags.  I usually use Luisiana Tea Bags when make Sun Tea.  Depending upon how large your container is will determine the amount of tea bags you need to use.
Screw the lid on the jar, securing the bags and set in a sunny spot outside.
The next part is the most important, let this set for a long time.  Like 24 hours long time.  The darker the better!  After a good 24 hour steep remove the tea bags.  You can use this concentrate, diluted with water, to make iced tea for an individual or a crowd.
Use your "tea concentrate" to make the best iced you have ever had.
Stay Sweet,