Sweetness Overload ~ Currently....

  • Listening: I have become obsessed with Lana Del Ray.  I love her album. I love her style.  I love her long hair and full lips.  I need her to release her sophomore album, already!
  • Reading: I just finished up the Hunger Games Trilogy, and have now downloaded Fifty Shades of Gray Trilogy.  We shall see, we shall see.
  • Watching: Mad Men.  I am so glad that is is back!  I am, however, wondering when and what they are going to do, as we start inching out of the 60's.  I can already see the evolution of the clothing, as it is venturing out of the style that I love, and more toward polyester work suits for the women.
  • Working On: A couple of home decor DIY's for the blog and some articles that I need to get on.  I am also in the (very late) process of planning our raised bed garden.  
  • Thinking About: how to incorporate more vegetables and fruit into my diet.  I mean, you all know that I am a vegetarian, but really, I could eat more fruit and less candy.  I really want to be more conscious of what I am eating.  I have already switched my "ice cream" over to greek frozen yogurt, and I would like to start making homemade ice cream once or twice a month.  I have an awesome attachment for my KitchenAid Mixer that makes delicious ice cream, so really I have no excuse.
  • Anticipating: The opening of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.  If you know me, any at all, you know I have a die hard affection for this man.  As soon as the book came out, I bought it, and devoured it so quickly.  It is a funny read, and just makes you think about history in a more lighthearted way.  Besides, who does't want to see honest Abe wielding an axe?
  • Eating: Yasso Frozen Strawberry Greek Yogurt Bars.  More than a good choice, they are so delicious, and not overly sweet!
  • Wishing: The Mr. would help me move some more furniture around upstairs.  I am trying to create, one of our spare bedrooms, into a Pinup Closet/Showroom.  Really just a fun, super feminine place to store my pinup wares and place to hold stuff for my online store.
Stay Sweet,

PS Happy Mothers Day to all the beautiful women lucky enough to celebrate with the ones that they love!!

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  1. I absolutely love that book and get so excited every time they release a new trailer. Looks like it should be incredible! :D