Sweet Taste of Freedom ~ White Fire Glass & a GIVEAWAY! CLOSED

This giveaway is very special!  I actually met the owner of White Fire Glass in third grade!  I have know him most of my life, and got to hang out with him, and his gorgeous, very cool wife  two years ago, at my high school reunion.  Little did I know, he had a very beautiful talent hidden! Once I found out, I knew I had to tell everyone I know.

Please make sure to stop by his etsy store and spend a little $.  These stellar glass pieces would make an amazing Mother's Day Present, not to mention support an artist and his craft!

Where are you from: 
The Ozarks

 How did you get your store/business started: 

As for the business, ask me again in a year or so (hopefully). As far as the art goes, I'm currently a student at the Springfield Hot Glass studio (www.springfieldhotglass.com), and have been working with the owners Terry and Gabe for just over a year. I was drawn to glass because it's such a beautiful material, so it's hard to make an ugly piece (as long as it doesn't shatter, crack, blow out...ect...again, many thanks to Terry and Gabe!). 

 What inspires you:

 Nature, sunsets, quiet time on the river, the moon and stars

How long have I been open: 

Let's consider this my grand opening!

What are your Favorite items: 

The featured items. 
What Celebrity you would like to praise your items:

 I guess whoever has the biggest audience and loudest microphone at the moment. 

One word to describe yourself: 
Quah? or possibly ?

What is your Pet peeve: 


 Favorite website(s): 
www.springfieldhotglass.com, etsy.com

What would people be suprised to know about you: 
I think people who know me casually would be suprised that I do glass art

The winner of this giveaway can pick one item out of White Fire Glass etsy store for FREE!  Pretty amazing, right?!?!  CLICK THE READ MORE LINK BELOW

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  1. I like the purple & white tall vase.

  2. the purple + white wavy vase, no doubt! it's beautiful! it reminds me of the chihuly exhibit we went to see here at the frist last year. it's so neat!

  3. I would be stoked to win any of the beautiful pieces.. but I am partial to the orange with white striped vase, I love orange and its gorgeous

  4. I REALLY like the white vase with the black at the bottom. But really these pieces all are very beautiful!

  5. Love black and white combinations!!

  6. the purple and white wavy bowl is to die for! XO!

  7. The wavy purple bowl.....so reminds me of carnival glass from the photo. Love!

  8. They are all so pretty! The black and white one probably. This way I could paint my walls any color and not worry about it clashing!

  9. purple wavy bowl is splendid!

  10. I love the purple and white wavy one, reminds me of mermaids and the ocean. :-) He is pretty darn talented, the glass looks amazing.

  11. I love the white and orange vase up on there! It's so freakin' cool <3