Sweet Nothings for the Weekend with Stitch Fix #2

Swoon.  My new Stitch Fix Box came today, and the hit it out of the park this time!  I am in love!

                 Blu Pepper Top: Zooey Mixed Cardigan $30

The price point for this oh-so-comfortable cardigan is oh-so-perfect. 
 I was so glad to get it. I know that this will become a late summer/fall staple.


MM Couture: Ester Pleated Skirt  $62

This skirt was super great, especially with the maxi skirt/dress trend this summer.  This piece would easily transition from spring to summer to fall just with simple layering.  If I didn't already have a skirt, very similar to this, I would have kept it.

BB Dakota Avalon Strapless Dress  $60

This was me, to a T!  This sad photo doesn't do this gorgeous dress justice!  The color, in person, is a gorgeous emerald green (which is my favorite color) and it fit like a dream. *plus-it has pockets!*

THML Lynn Mod Dress $72

Be Still, my little Mod heart.  I love this dress.  When I pulled it out, I immediately thought this is what the new Mrs. Draper would wear!  Then a turned it over, and the back seams has little button from neckline to hemline. <3  This is a keeper from the moment I pulled it out of the box!

 Line & Dot Tylie Silk Dress  $99

This dress is spot on, when it comes to trends.  The color is a gorgeous orangey-coral and it the fabric is light as a feather.  The back is the crowning glory, as it is sheer and would be perfect for the summer.  My only problem was the price was a little high.  I guess that since it is silk, maybe I shouldn't be so shy of that price tag, but if I let it go, and it comes back, it was meant to be.

Do you think I kept the right things? Would you have kept the same things, or sent back more?  Just want to hear your thoughts, plus it is always fun to see what other people are drawn to!

The Mr. is going out of town, for a car show, so it is just me and the littles this weekend.  I plan on getting some DIY stuff done and just relaxing.  Well, that, and working at Retro Vixen! If you are in KC, stop in and say hi! I promise you won't leave empty handed! 

Stay Sweet,


  1. Cute stuff!! I think you picked the right Keepers, the silk number is cute... but not 99bucks cute! :)

    1. Thanks, I am glad I didn't think $99 was too steep!

  2. Definately kept the right things. I think the last dress could have looked a little cheap. The two middle dresses were beautiful.