Sweet Nothings for the weekend!

Fridays around here are going to be fun little articles that are, well, fun! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

This floral hair was done by Allysson Johnson at Silver Screen Salon in KC for a May Day photoshoot.  I can't wait to get the images back!

10 Things About Me 
  1. I collect teapots.  The older the better!
  2. I could spend all day in a book store.  I love finding new, interesting things to read.  I especially love to get my "glossy" fix while I am there, so I don't end up paying $4 for a magazine.  I think of it a being green.  
  3. I drink tea like it is going out of style. I am steadfast, in love with, blackberry iced tea.  Try it.
  4. I have had my septum pierced for 12 years.  I rarely wear it down, but it is always in.
  5. Although I often tease my stepdad for putting anything in a tortilla and eating it, I think it is a pretty good assumption.  I mean, really, everything is pretty damn good in a tortilla.  
  6. I have had three surgeries in my life.  Wisdom teeth extractions and two total knee reconstructions.
  7. I have went through 3 iPhones in the course of 2 months.  My phones have an attraction of magically slipping out of their case (i.e. they aren't really in a case) and shattering on the floor.
  8. I love to give people nicknames.  Mr. E sometimes goes by T-Kat, Winston, my dog, get called Magoo, and Alabama Littles is called yarn (cause he acts like a cat and his fur looks like soft baby yarn)
  9. I always get dessert.  Hello...sweet tooth.
  10. I have never broken a bone.

The Mr. and I will be rummaging around Kansas City's First Fridays Antique shops.  They are only open one weekend a month, and I hope to score some sweet, sweet treasures.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Stay Sweet,


  1. Dessert, tea and books... some of my favorite things! I agree with most of this about myself! :)

    1. Perfection! We should be gal pals then!!! xoxo