Makeout Mondays ~ Things I love this week



I am ready for summer! I have my summer reading list downloaded to my kindle, my bathing suits purchased and now to find a pool that I can hang out at on fridays and saturdays!  

What are you yearning for this summer?  Do you have a tradition you adhere to every year?  A particular location you go with friends/family to vacation?  A must see summer movie list?  How do you like to celebrate the beginning of summer?

Stay Sweet,


  1. I live in dresses, I wear pants maybe 2 times a year. So my yearn this year is a few more cute dresses. Vintage, playsuits, more maxi dresses. I live in LA so I do like to wear the maxi dresses sometimes.

    What I love about LA is that an hour away is Catalina. It's a great vacation spot for any Vintage gal or guy, as it's famous for being a preferred getaway for Marilyn and other icons. I invited myself along to go camping there with husband 2 weeks after we started dating, and it's always been our "Isle of Romance'. We honeymooned there last year. This year we're going again as we do every summer, but with several other folks and their kids. It's my favorite summer tradition!

    What are you reading on Kindle? I wish you lived near me, we would hot-tub and grill out often!


    1. I am desperate to go to Catalina. I have heard nothing but good things about the vacay spot! Oh LA, how I wished I were there! I know we would be instant besties! We have so much in common!

      on the ol Kindle is The Night Circus, Before I Fall, 50 Shades of Gray Trilogy, and a few classics that I want to re-read.