Sweetness Overload ~ Currently

  • Listening: The Honey Trees.  If you haven't checked out this duo, you are missing out.  Her voice is how angels must sound.
  • Reading: I haven't started reading it yet, but downloaded Fifty Shades of Gray.  Besides that, the new issue of In Style <3
  • Watching: I just watched last weeks Grey's Anatomy.  When this series first came out, I was addicted, and watched, religiously, for several seasons.  Then, I just got busy, and it kind of faded out of my repertoire.  I started watching again, and this last episode, well needless to say, drained me emotionally.  Yowza.
  • Working On: being better about walking my dogs.  I need to walk them every day!  
  • Thinking About: I can't wait for the next issue of Atomic Bombshells Magazine to come out.  I wrote an interesting article for it, and I can't wait to see what it looks like in print.
  • Anticipating: My upcoming birthday.  It is not until July, but I am still trying to figure out what I am going to do for it this year
  • Eating: Starbucks mini cherry and apple pies.  OMG (!) I am officially addicted!
  • Wishing: my feet didn't hurt so bad.  I was in 5 inch wedges for a long time today, and now I am paying for it.  All for fashion, right!
Stay Sweet,

What have you been doing currently?  Planning your summer vacation?  Getting a menu together for a summer BBQ? Make fourth of July plans?

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