Thirsty Thursday

Cherry Beer Margaritas via The Blonde Cook

I had this delicious beverage at a birthday party for my sweet friend, Margaret, last weekend.  I typically hate beer, but this was very different!  Perfect for a warm summer day!

  • (1) 12 ounce can frozen limeade concentrate
  • 12 ounces cherry flavored soda
  • (1) 12 ounce bottle of your favorite beer (I used Corona Light)
  • 12 ounces of your favorite tequila
  • Kosher salt, for rimming glass
  • Lime for garnish
  • Cherries for garnish
  1. Rub lime wedge around rim of each glass; dip in kosher salt.
  2. In a large pitcher, mix all ingredients and stir with a wooden spoon to combine.
  3. Serve over ice (if desired) & garnish with a lime wedge & cherry.

Stay Sweet,

Nearly Famous Pinup Wednesday

// Hellkitten // Model Mayhem // Website //

Age: 29

Occupation: Clothing & jewelry designer

Where are you from: Dallas Texas 

Favorite photographer to work with: Viva Van Story & 666 Photography are my top faves! 

Featured photo(s): Garage photos are Viva Van Story, Editorials are 666 Photography

Tell me about your featured photo(s). When were they taken? Differernt times throughout late 2010 to current

Why are they your favorite? The feeling they evoke. They are artwork, and I have great memories of them. Plus They are technically well done. 

How long have you been modeling/enjoying photography? 13 years now

Who are your favorite Pinup Models? Past or present inspiration?
Sabina Kelly, Kim Falcon,Little Darling Jane Russell, Sophia Loren

What is some of your favorite clothing lines? 
Pin Up Couture, Hellkitten Originals, Bettie Page, Tatiana

Favorite Designers? Christian Dior, Alexander Mcqueen, Prada, I love vintage fashion as well. 

If you could shoot with any photographer, who would it be?
David Lachappelle. His work is heavenly!

Stay Sweet,

Daily Candy Sky High or Grounded

Dress: Purchase from a Friend
Flower: Hobby Lobby
Leopard Flats: Target
Red Platforms: Shoe Dazzle

I thought it would be fun to introduce a new style to Daily Candy once a week.  I am going to style one outfit, two ways.  I know I have an affinity for sky high shoes, but not everyone does, so I am going to style once with heels and once with flats.  Plus, it would be an easy transition from a more "casual" look with flats, to an evening look with heels.

I like this outfit, mostly because I mixed patterns (leopard and polka dots) and that just shows that even though the patterns are not the same, it doesn't mean you can't mix them.  I love leopard so much that I look at it like a neutral.  

Stay Sweet,

May Sweetness Overload Highlights!

May can be a glorious month, in the midwest.  It brings thunderstorms, waves of heat, and it the best time to enjoy BBQ, friends and family, especially in the cool of the evening.

May Highlights
- Featured in the upcoming issue of Atomic Bombshells Magazine, as writer and model!
-Modeled for Dapper Photography.  Fun Shoot!
-Modeled for Vixen Pinup Photography and Paper Moon Photography.  Photos to come soon.
-Showcased to DIY Projects: Door Photo FrameSunglasses Cabinet
-My sweet sister turned 10!  I hope she knows how fun she is and that 10 is kind of a BIG deal!
-Wrote new features for the summer! Thirsty Thursdays, Sweet Nothings
-Had a sweet giveaway with White Fire Glass!  Be sure to check out the store, full of beauties that would make excellent wedding gifts this summer!

May Catch up with NY Resolutions

The items crossed off have been finished! * means it is in progress.  I still have a ways to go, but I still have a full 6-7 months to finish it.  I just like to see how far I have come.  Have you met some of your goals?  I can't wait to see what my DIY Memory Jar has in store December 31st?
  1. Read 12 books *
  2. Visit one new state that I have never been.
  3. Save $100 per month for a rainy day fund *
  4. Lose 10 lbs, and keep it off
  5. Continue sustainable living (i.e. organic, non wasteful)
  6. Dine out 2-4 times per month
  7. No TV past 8 pm
  8. Commit to walking my dogs 4 times per week
  9. Take yoga class
  10. Teach one DIY class per month (in person, or via blog) *
  11. Update my blog layout
  12. Reset/Restyle my closet
  13. Host a swap party with friends
  14. Schedule one girls night monthly/bi-monthly
  15. Cut my coffee habit in half. (1-2 purchased lattes per week)
  16. Learn a new skill (crocheting, knitting, cake decorating etc)
  17. Refinish Laundry Room
  18. Tile Kitchen and Dining Room
  19. Start a compost pile
  20. Grow a pumpkin patch
  21. Handmade/Homemade Christmas 2012
  22. Get published in a Tattoo Magazine
  23. Finish right arm sleeve
  24. Celebrate my 10th wedding anniversary!
  25. Not freak out about my 30th birthday. *
  26. Finish planning Ireland trip
  27. Attend a Blogging Conference
  28. Compile more outfit posts *
  29. Find five new bands to enjoy *
  30. Volunteer for Dentistry for the Heart/Dr's without borders
  31. Start a memory jar. 
  32. Visit the Caribbean
  33. Perfect Photography skills *
  34. Watch every Marilyn Monroe Film *
  35. Try one new food per month
  36. Rediscover veganism for a month
  37. Adopt a third puppy!
  38. Write at least one letter per month
  39. Participate in a food drive
  40. Have new professional photos of Mr. Elliott and I
  41. Order updated photos of friends and family to display
  42. Have professional photos of my family taken
  43. Make homemade ice cream
  44. Support local business better! *
  45. Purchase new luggage
  46. Practice Safe Sun EVERYDAY!
  47. Bake a cake, once a month, from scratch
  48. Help Mr. Elliott finish truck project
  49. Install an attic fan in our house
  50. Plan weekend trips one per season.
  51. Set up a "shop my closet" or online store
  52. Vintage shop and document it!

May Sponsor Highlights
Here are just a few sweet discounts/coupons to use from our May Sponsors! Remember to keep shopping local and/or handmade!

Mention Chronicles of a Sweet Tooth and get $50 off a package
(package must originally be $200 or more)

Creep Hair Goods

Tumbleweeds Odd Shop. 

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Stay Sweet,

Makeout Monday ~ Things I love this week


It is sad, but I have a small stock pile of swimsuits.  I have told you before of my affection for water, so my aquatic dreams just have to be played out at a pool, here in the mid-west, and not a some gorgeous beach.

I am also on the look out for a pretty caftan coverup.  What I love about caftans is, not only are they a great cover up, but they are formal enough that you can actually were them out, to say lunch, or a casual dinner and not look like you are wearing a swimsuit cover up.  Pair your caftan with a stack of sea glass inspired bracelets, some pretty sandals, and a bold necklace  and you are set to join your girlfriends for an impromptu happy hour.

What is one of you summer must haves?  Besides sunscreen, I hope!

Stay Sweet,

Sweetness Overload ~ Currently

  • Listening: Born & Raised ~ John Mayer.  Judge all you want, I am a Mayer fan, and this latest album is good.  Reminiscent of blues, country, and good guitar.
  • Reading: June Issue of Country Living (love) and June Issue of Real Simple.  These are two of my very favorite magazines.
  • Watching: Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows.  Started watching it last night.  I don't know why nothing beats a hot summer day like watching a movie or two.
  • Working On: Doing Yoga more frequently.  Thank goodness for YouTube, you can literally watch anything and do any type of fitness routine right in your house.  I love it!
  • Thinking About: How badly I want to adopt another dog.  This must be how real people feel about children. I just love animals so much and just can't seem to get enough.
  • Anticipating: Enjoying today and Monday.  No work, just time with my doggies
  • Eating: Was a Crisp & Lean Crackers with Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese.  So good.  Not too bad for you, and makes a perfect light lunch, or mid-day snack.
  • Wishing: I were planning a tropical vacation.  I am not, but wished it were!
Stay Sweet,

Daily Candy

Dress: (from) Marshalls
Sunnies: Target
Shoes: Chinese Laundry

This dress is one of the most comfortable dresses I own.  It is made out of T-shirt cotton and would be perfect for vacation.  It is lightweight, doesn't wrinkle, and could work as a swimsuit cover-up or paired with strappy sandals, a night on the town.

Stay Sweet,

a peek into my life

Today, you are going to learn about me.  Well, a little more than you already know, I guess.  I really want to write more on this little blog.  Some of my favorite blog posts are the ones where I get to learn a little more about the author.

It is funny, that with the blogs that I follow, a lot of them, I feel like I know the author.  I feel like I could be that persons new friend.  I want people to know about me, and well if you really don't care, then you don't have to, but you might read something funny that will make you laugh, or maybe something that you can commiserate with.  Who knows, maybe you will want to gain me as an "internet" friend?  If you want, so I can, perhaps, learn a little more about you, in the comment section, respond with your answers.

Up first, Describe three legitimate things you are afraid of, and where those fears originated.  

1.  I have the greatest fear of not achieving what I *think* I should be.  I know that I, myself, am my hardest critic, but I always seem to tell myself that I am not where I should be.  When I was younger, I had my life all planned out. (Type A personality, to the most extreme)  I knew what I wanted to be, where I was going to school, who I was going to end up with, and then life threw me a curve ball.  I am definitely not where I thought I was going to be at (almost) 30.  A lot of times, especially when I have had a bad day, week, month, etc I am really hard on myself, and only see failure.  I know this originated out of my own head.  Being the oldest is kind of a hard task, everyone expects the most, best, and greatest from you, and when you do not live up to those, very heavy, expectations it can seem like a let down.  I seem to always let myself down, and then when I am feeling like I am about to drowned in a sea of self pity, some one points out to me an accomplishment.  One that is a really big deal, like, for example, being a publish writer, that I over look because I am always looking for the BBD. (bigger, better deal)  One of my goals, as I enter my 30's, is to really celebrate my accomplishments.  Even if it is, I had a really killer week at work, I mean really busted it, and made something happen.  If I acknowledge the small, maybe the BIG will look HUGE.

2.  Secondly, I have a fear sharks.  This I have touched on before, and it is so much bigger than a 'fear'.  I have been afraid of sharks for, literally, as long as I can remember.  I have a very overactive imagination and would tell myself, when I was younger, that my bedroom magically transformed into shark infested waters at night.  I would caution myself to sleep in the very middle of my bed, because if I didn't, I would be attacked, and killed, by sharks.  I don't swim, by myself, in the deep end of pools.  I refuse to swim in lakes, rivers, or ponds.  I won't swim in the ocean, above my knees.  This fear is kind of crippling, as we have to put the Discovery Channel on parental block, for the week of Shark Week, for fear that I might accidentally stumble upon a show with sharks.  I don't watch movies pertaining to sharks, including Finding Nemo, and will never visit an aquarium.  The strange thing is, I love to swim, I love water, and I love the ocean.  I have no desire to "get over" this fear, as I know, I would end up having to come face to face with a shark, and that is too much for me to imagine.

3.  Lastly, I am terrified to trust people.  The idea of letting someone have all of my trust stops me dead in my tracks.  This particular fear is rooted deep in my past, and for right now, is too personal to share.  I don't know that I will ever, fully trust people, but I like the idea of at least trying to let people in.

Stay Sweet,

Sweet Nothings for the Weekends ~ DIY

A sweet DIY to head into  long weekend.  Every season I have a big wreath, that I update, to usher in, well the new season.  Needless to say, I waited too long to get the autumn-ness out of the wreath.  All you really need to make your own is an assortment of flowers and/or floral picks, wire cutters, and a big grapevine wreath.

I lucked out that my craft store had a great variety of flowers on clearance, so I stocked up.  My favorite flowers in the summer are sunflowers, and luckily enough, they translate to a good autumn flower too!

Hopefully this inspires you to make a wreath of your own!

Stay Sweet,

Thirsty Thursday

On my quest to be more hydrated, and since KC is going to be getting a heat wave this weekend, I thought a fun idea would be a way to spruce up your drinking water.  These ideas would be fun especially for Memorial Day Family Celebrations.

Fancy Flavored Water courtesy of

It only takes a second to turn a plain jug of water into something much more exciting. Chuck in a few handfuls of ice then try any one of these simple things: 

• Add a few slices of fresh lemon or lime.
• Quarter an orange, squeeze in all of the juice, then toss in the squeezed quarters for color and extra flavor.
• Mash up a handful of strawberries or raspberries with a fork then add to the jug and stir through.
• Scrunch a handful of fresh mint in your hands to get the flavor going then add that to the jug with a squeeze of lemon or lime juice. If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, add a few slices of cucumber too. It might sound strange, but it is seriously refreshing. 

Stay Sweet,

Nearly Famous Pinup Wednesday!

Mary Lynn Mayhem // Facebook //

Age: 27

Occupation: Benefits Analyst/Apprentice for the Ruby Revue

Where are you from: Dallas Texas!

Favorite photographer to work with: Dynamite Dames 

Dynamite Dames - Beauty Bar - MUAH Cherry Dame
Switch Blade Betties - Beauty Bar - MUAH Cherry Dame
Varga - MU Dynamite Nicky - Hair Vintage Flair

Tell me about your featured photo(s). When were they taken? Why are they your favorite? The shoot at the Beauty Bar with Dynamite Dames and Switch Blade Betties was a really fun shoot! The location is AMAZING! I mean come on glitter walls! I had a lot of fun with that one and the colors turned out great. The Varga shoot took place in Texas last year. The car was awesome and it was really nice outside. That was one of my first shoots and Varga made me feel very comfortable. He is a really nice guy! These pictures are a few of my favorites because they show how happy go lucky I am and the colors are fantastic. 

How long have you been modeling/enjoying photography? I started modeling just a little over a year ago. I've admired pin ups and the vintage lifestyle though for quite some time now.

Who are your favorite Pinup Models? Past or present inspiration? Oh that's a toughie! I've admired Marilyn Monroe since I was about 3 I wanna say (you would have to ask my mom), and there are so many present inspirations it's hard to name them all. I like Doris May Day's all vintage all the time style, and I also like Mosh's fetish type work. 

What is some of your favorite clothing lines? Favorite Designers? I'm currently working on my vintage collection right now as well as making my own clothing, but for current designers I like Vintage Suits By Mary. She does high quality reproduction work, AND it's made in the USA! Deadly Dames also comes out with some cute things from time to time. There's really too many to name!

If you could shoot with any photographer, who would it be? Again, so much great talent in this industry... I would have to say Viva Van Story or Celeste Giuliano. They both have a good eye for photography and have mastered the styles they are creating.

Stay Sweet,