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Where are you from: 
I'm a Texas girl, born in Amarillo.

How did you get your store/business started?
About a year and a half ago, I was commissioned by Vive Les Arts Theatre to fabricate some Mad Men inspired dresses for a production in which Erin Shephard was performing.  We started talking and discovered we shared a love of vintage clothing and pin-up style.  Erin owns a pin-up photography studio and I had been working as a seamstress making custom clothing for years.  We decided to combine forces to create a unique experience for girls who want to create a fabulous look for their photo.  Our first collaboration shoot was a giant birdcage, and from there we have done lots of fun themes like Mermaids, Moulin Rouge and Hollywood Starlet Recreations!

What inspires you?
Confident women who are willing to take risks and be creative.  Confidence is beautiful in all shapes and sizes!

How long have you been open and what are some of your favorite items?
Sew She Said has been creating custom items since 2007 and Lone Star Pin-up has been around since 2008.  We teamed up in the studio in 2010 and opened our new retail shop in Killeen, TX in February of this year.  We now offer our clients over 2,000 square feet of pin-up goodness!  A full photography studio with a huge walk-in costume closet and a retail store with tons of retro clothing and steel boned corsets.  Clients custom costumes are often on display before their shoots to give inspiration to other gals who want to get creative.  Our favorite items might have to be the Disney-inspired pin-up costumes we have recently collaborated on.  We can't wait to get some awesome photos to share!

What celebrity would you most like have praise you store/products?
I love the style of Kalani Kokonuts.  Her costumes are incredible and elegant. I would love to costume her one day!

If you had to use on word to describe yourself, what would it be?

What is your biggest pet peeve?
Sports bras!!!  I do a lot of fittings and sports bras are the bane of my existence.  They distort your figure, offer no support and change the measurements that will allow your garment to fit properly.  If you ever go to a fitting, make sure to wear the appropriate undergarments so that your garment will fit properly.  I also see a lot of women wearing the wrong bra size.  You can get measured for free at most lingerie stores, so take advantage of that, ladies!  It will help your clothing look and fit much better.

What would women we surprised to learn about you?
In addition to working at the shop, I also am a wife and mother to three children.  When we travel for events, such as car shows, I sometimes bring a long my little helpers to help out in our pop-up shop.  My kids are very creative and already have a love for glamorous things, like big hairstyles and pretty eyelashes.

Stay Sweet, Kem


  1. OMG, this is my favorite interview you've done. I have been wanting my husband, who is excellent at sewing, to help me make costumes for my clients. These ladies are such an inspiration to me. Thank you :)

    1. Tiffany, go for it girl! If you've got the ideas and your husband has the skills, tear it up! Thank you for your kind words :D Good luck!!