Nearly Famous ~ Pinup Wednesday!

// Michelle Flores //

Age: 28

Occupation: Training Coordinator

Where are you from: Houston, TX

Favorite photographer to work with: Doug Durham with Durham Photography

The pictures are with Angela Morales Photography, hair by Heather Williams, make-up by Alicia Perez Guavera.

When/Where were these photos taken? These photos were taken in May 2011. Lame as it may sound, I think these are my favorites because they not only accentuate my curves in all the right ways, but they also show a bit of variety with facial expressions and background. I actually had these pictures taken because I had entered a pin up contest earlier in the year and decided that I should get some high quality photos taken as well. Since that contest early this year, I have fallen in love with pin up. 

How long have you been enjoying/photographing pinup? I have been into photography and modeling since I was in my early teens. I even went to modeling and acting school when I was 16. I had my first child at 18 and did not pursue that path any further at that time. I am now pursuing that path again in my free time outside of my full time job. And even if I don't get paid for it, I just really love being in front of the camera. 

Who is your favorite pinup model past or present? I think my favorite pin up model would have to be Betty Page. I know it's kind of lame and lots of people say that, but she was so progressive for her time and did what she felt like doing, not what society said she should do. That's how I've started living my life - the way that I want to and following my dreams, not waiting for someone else to tell me how I should be living my life. 

Who/What is some of your favorite designers? As for clothing, I really love the website I don't know that I prefer a certain brand over others, at least not yet. 

If you could work with any photographer, who would it be? If I could shoot with anyone, I would actually say Roy Varga. I have seen his work and would love to work with him for a pinup shoot.

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