Daily Candy

Dress: Sew She Said
Shoes: Shoe Dazzle

Everything about this dress scream tea party to me.  It is a gorgeous nude/pink color.  That paired with a collar and full skirt, just aches for girl time that would consist of cake, tea, small crustless sandwiches, and plenty of gossip.  The super cute bow just topped off the girly-ness of this dress!

*side note Mr. and I busted the zipper on the dress, trying to zip it.  I will have to get it fixed, but it wasn't zipped the photos. ha ha ha*

Stay Sweet,


  1. I bought the same dress in a different color off the den. It doesn't fit me but looks great on smaller ladies. However, the zipper sticks a little...hopefully mine won't break too!

  2. It looks super cute!!!