Daily Candy ~ Stitch Fix #1

From one fellow blogger to another, this is a fantastic new company called Stitch Fix.  It is like a stylist in a box.  And I think I am smitten!

I love ordering this online, and who doesn't?  What I don't like is, getting clothes that don't fit, looking at something online and loving it, then when I get it in the mail, it is NOT what was listed online.

Stitch Fix, is kind of the go between for this issue.  It is in it's beta mode, so it is new, new, new.  But fantastic, awesome and cool.

Here is the run down:
1.  You fill out a small questionnaire, about your likes, dislikes, what you feel comfortable wearing, your favorite silhouettes, etc.  They even ask about brands, companies, and the like. You can even select how much you feel comfortable spending based on a tier format. (like do you like to spend less than $30 on tops, more than $100 on jeans, etc.  This is just hypothetical)
2. You can get your "fix" for $20.  What that means is, a stylist will pull, according to your profile, 5 items that they think you will like, and then it gets mailed to you.  (And the packaging is SUPER cute!)
3. You have the week to try on, and decide what you want to keep, and what you want to send back.  The best part is everything is labeled and even has a tag that shows you how to style the particular item. (LOVE IT)
4.  What you don't want, you send back, in a prepaid envelope.  You just log onto your account and select what items you are returning and what you are keeping .Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.  What you keep will be billed to you.
5.  The $20 that you used for your "fix" comes off of the price of the items you decided to keep.  The prices are listed on the clothes, on the receipt in the box, and the again online, in your profile.

Here are the items I received and, let me tell you, I had a hard time deciding what I wanted to keep.

Velvet Heart Lace Top $58.00

Gorgeous lace top.  The lace was stretchy, but very good quality!  It has a nude layer underneath, so no worries of showing off too much! If I were not as busty, I would have kept this. My body shape needs shirts that hug on the torso, so that I don't look boxy.  So cute though!

Aryn K Green Tweed Shelly Dress $95.00

Green tweed dress with peplum.  Oh em gee. Eat your heart out Joan.  This was on the higher end, $95.  That was the only reason I didn't keep it.  However, if it comes back to me, I might take the plunge and just splurge a little. *wink wink*

Ladakh Hanna Ruffle Skirt $72.00

This is a skirt.  When I pulled it out, I thought it was a top, but no, it is a skirt. Super soft, and very flattering on.  However, my skin tone, and this color, just wasn't a good combo. Plus, $72 for a skirt, is little steep for me. This skirt would be a perfect skirt of a day out shopping or even a trip to the zoo with kids. (that is how comfortable it is!)

MM Couture Dress $75.00

My favorite. The keeper.  Gorgeous on and fit by hugging all the right good curves! I love the asymmetry of the neck line and the big bow that I can tie at my shoulder.  It is a little tribal in the pattern and I kind of like that!  

I can safely say, this is my latest addiction.  A good one at that! Stop by Stitch Fix and get your fix today!

Stay Sweet,
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  1. I love the dress you kept. I think tribal prints are amazing.

  2. That dress you kept was definitely a keeper! I love it and can't wait until you get tired of it and it goes into the Crack Den.