10 Things I love about you!

  1. I love that we got to spend a lot of time together over the last couple of years!
  2. Your passion for our country and for those that serve in the military.  It is contagious!
  3. How very different we are, but how that makes for fun times.
  4. You and I love macaroni and cheese, maybe a little too much!
  5. I love your sweet tooth, and mine loves you!
  6. You are more fearless than I.
  7. Your long rapunzel hair.  Some day mine will get there.
  8. Knowing what you want to do and doing it without racking up an obscene amount of college debt. Wished I would have know that....hind sight is 20/20
  9. You give with your whole heart, and that is rare.
  10. Knowing that you, Karlie, and I are connected and that means a tattoo soon!
Stay Sweet

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