10 Things I love about you

  1. You can make me laugh, just by telling me stories of cosmetology school
  2. You let me dress you up, when you were, little and teach you dance routines that you would do for an audience of none. (just me and you)
  3. You let me experience chickens for the first time in my life, up close.  Sweet Jesus, why do they run from bush to bush?
  4. You make very good pies!
  5. Even though we are separated by a lot of years, we can still find ways to make out relationship work.
  6. Your love for animals is something that we share
  7. Your love for Disney movies, when we were growing up, helped me enjoy drawing. Remember your epic room?
  8. That we will share a sister tattoo that will never be removed, just like our bloodline.
  9. Our relationship has become better the older we get.  Well, the older you get, I am holding strong at 24.
  10. We can always share a trip to Andy's and know that all is good with the world. 
I love you Karlie and can't wait to see how you continue to grow!  This list may only be 10 things long, but in real life, we know it is much longer!

Stay Sweet,

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