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Mention this interview and you can book a haircut, neck, shoulder, scalp, hand massage and deep condition for $40... or can book a pin-up updo for $35.

Where are you from?
I'm born and bred in the Mid-West, a Kansas City native. Although I did some time in Upstate NY... The East Coast is not for me, I like the corn fed sense of neighborliness (making up words now) that KCMO offers. Perhaps because I share my birthdate with the area code... 816.

How did you get your store/business started?
Although I had to enroll in beauty school 3 different times (total beauty school drop-out), hair has always been where my heart lies... particularly retro and vintage inspired styling. Get Your Locks Off is just a manisfestation of where my heart and creative senses are most comfortable. 

What inspires you?

How long do you have? Ha. I find inspiration everyday. But what drives my creative spirit is that little gasp that I get when my client turns and looks in the mirror. I've had people tell me that they didn't know how to tell me what they wanted but somehow I gave it to them anyway. It's my job to ask you the questions that determines how you see yourself in your mind's eye and make that come to a reality. I'm inspired by women of all sizes and shapes realizing that beauty comes the same way... in all sizes and shapes.

How long have you been open and what is some of your favorite items?
I've been focused on vintage styled hair for about a year now. When it comes to my favorite items, brands... etc... I'm kind of a lousy consumer. I mean the worst. I'm a 
'make something out of nothing" kind of girl. When it comes to hair products for vintage styling all you need is a good strong hold hair spray and a mega shine spray to top it off. For daily care, I'm all about the Aveda line of products. 

What celebrity would you most like have praise your store/product(s)?
This is so hard for me. I can't see that men would really dig what I do... So if I'm going to pull from female celebrities that I have an affinity for... Joan Jett, Siouxsie Sioux... tough chicks that set the world on fire. 

If you had to use only one word to describe yourself, what would it be?
Mama... My son says it a hundred times a day... and that's what I am. A mama and I mama everyone around me. 

What is your biggest pet peeve?
Well... where to start here. Mean-ness. I have a real problem with mean people. I mean, I see people doing the dumbest things ever and I usually just think... "I bet they have a reason for doing that and it makes sense to them." The only people I'm typically mean to are those I see bullying others. I can't stand it. 

What are your favorite websites?
I used to have a whole list of websites that I'd cruise every day, a blog I maintained like it was my job... And now? Well, life happens fast and cruising the web only gets penciled in here and there. I usually use the few minutes I have to catch up with my favorite local pin-up's and performers. 

What would people be surprised to learn about you?

What a low maintenance girl I really am. I think I own a total of two bras that are worth a damn. Again, I'm such a make something out of nothing person, that I'll make an outfit work with 10 bucks and some shiny buttons.    
Photo by Dave Hill

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  1. Nice interview, she seems like a real sweetheart!