Sweet DIY Project ~ Memory Jar

After seeing this great idea on pinterest, I thought it would be a good inspiration piece for everyone!  It is very easy and you don't need many supplies at all! This is a fun and simple way to record 'memories' as they happen throughout the year.

Supplies you need:
Large jar or vase
Ribbon or lace
Scrap Paper
Markers or Pens
As decoration, tie ribbon or lace around Jar/Vase.  Include in the jar paper and pens/markers for people to use. 

The idea is simple.  Records things that have happened that are funny, sentimental, sad, or just plain wonderful on the paper.  Make sure to write that date of the event on the paper, too.  One December 31st, 2012, take out all the "memories" and relive your year through what you recorded.

This is going to be a new Elliott Tradition.  I love the idea of going back through your year and seeing what was going on for each person in my house at certain times.  This would be super fun with a larger family too.

Stay Sweet,


  1. This is such a great idea! Thanks for sharing! I think it will come in handy, especially since we have our boys only on the weekends, so that we can record those special memories that we have with them over time.

  2. I love this idea! Going to try it out!