Nearly Famous ~ Pinup Wednesday!

This is one hot little lady! She is even qualified in the Retro Lovely Star Maker Supreme top finalist!  

Age: 22

Occupation: Student, model and performance artist

Where are you from: Oklahoma City, OK

Favorite photographer to work with: That’s a really tough question because I’ve worked with so many great people and had so many enjoyable experiences. If I had to choose one though, I’d say Janine Joffe. She was one of the first people I shot with when I was 18 and I’m planning on making a trip to New Orleans soon just to shoot with her again. We went to school together in Savannah, GA and she is just amazingly talented and innovative.

Artist/Photographer/location of featured photo(s) The first photo was taken by Bradi Wells in Oklahoma City during a clothing line shoot for Priscilla Dawn. (Check her out on etsy she has adorable stuff!)
The second photo was taken by Dynamite Dames in Fort Worth with makeup by Vintage Flair!
The last portrait was taken in my own studio as a self-portrait. I’m about to graduate with my BFA in photography. Hit me up if you’re in OKC ladies! 
Tell me about your featured photo(s). When were they taken? Why are they your favorite? I shot with Bradi Wells in the summer of 2010. I love that photo because it’s reminiscent of old Hollywood glam. I shot with Dynamite Dames for the first time this past summer and I’m pretty much obsessed with cupcakes. Not only are they adorable, they are also delicious. What more could you ask for? The self-portrait was taken just a few months ago. I started eating mostly organic food and lost like ten pounds, so I needed some new photos!

How long have you been modeling/enjoying photography? I’ve been professionally modeling since I was 18, but I’ve been enjoying photography ever since I can remember. I got my first camera when I was six, it was a polaroid and I was addicted from the moment it touched my hands.

Who are your favorite Pinup Models? Past or present inspiration? I love the classics like Bettie Page and Natalie Wood (people have always told me I look like her). They just had an innocence about them that isn’t really seen anymore.

What is some of your favorite clothing lines? Favorite Designers? I love Deadly Dames and Pinup Couture! I get a lot of great things from vintage and consignment shops though.

If you could shoot with any photographer, who would it be? Man Ray or Richard Avedon. Unfortunately neither of them is still with us. As photographer, I admire them both greatly and it would have been amazing to work with either one of them.

Stay Sweet,

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