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My Kindness Journal, well, it kind of stopped this week.  Not because I wasn't being kind, but because, between work, and well daylight savings time, there wasn't a whole lot of giving going on.  That is pretty lazy, and mostly the worst excuse I have ever written down, but it is the truth!  I promise that next week I will come back with wonderful kindness to incite yourself to put kindness out!

This Weekend

Last summer, I tackled the issue of restocking the medicine cabinet.  And guess what, now would be a great time to do that again!

Since seasonal allergies should always be taken into consideration, as well as children's medicines (if they are in your house).  In addition to making sure items are stocked, do make sure to check expiration dates on products that are not used, as well as old prescription medications.  Most pharmacies will destroy your old prescriptions for you.  

For the Spring/Summer here are a few items that every household should have stocked.  (So you don't find yourself in an emergency, or so sick driving to the store seems like a big deal!)

  1. Rubbing Alcohol
  2. Hydrogen Peroxide
  3. Multi Pack of Band-Aids and Gauze
  4. Ice Pack
  5. Ace Bandage(s)
  6. Heating Pad
  7. Allergy Pills (Day/Night variety)
  8. Benadryl 
  9. Ibprophen
  10. Tylenol
  11. Advil or Aleve
  12. Pepto Bismal
  13. Acid Reducer
  14. Hydrocortisone Cream
  15. AD ointment/Neosporin
  16. Calamine Lotion
  17. SPF
  18. Aloe Vera Lotion
  19. Epson Salt
The list above is not a be all, end all list, but a list that should be able to see you through spring and summer.  If you know that you need to stock up on some of those items, another great thing to grab while you are in the isle is a Travel First Aid Kit.  You can usually get a really nice one, to keep in your car, for under $20.  I always make sure to have on in my car, throughout the year, and it had come in extremely useful.  

Besides stocking my medicine box, I will plan on enjoying the beautiful weather that Missouri is providing, get a filling (yes, I have a cavity.  No, I am not surprised), and probably enjoy some girl time!

Stay Sweet,

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