Kem's Weekend Candy

We are already into month three with kindness journals.  My planned ideas are starting to run slim, so maybe I should go with spontaneity for the next month.  I have a very hard time of letting fate run its course, because I feel safe with a plan, and spontaneity is all about no plans. 

1.  Hand written thank you cards to people just for fun.  What a fun thing for them to get a nice note in the mail, and it not be a bill.

2. Made dinner for our friends.  Don't you think it is nice to not have to cook once in awhile?  I do.

This weekend is already FULL of activities! I love and loathe it.  Sometimes, I just want a weekend with nothing on the horizon. On top of it being super busy, its day light savings time.  I hate it because we lose an hour of sleep, on the other hand, it is sunny longer.

Two of my dear friends asked for a closet intervention, so that they shall have!  If you have no idea what I am talking about see here.  I am really excited because, well, it is fun to see people looking their best!

Plus, this weekend is Rockabilly Prom at Knuckleheads, in Kansas City, MO.  I need to figure out what I am going to wear.  I am surely going to find something wonderful.

Things to get this weekend:
New body wash
Hair masque
Facial Mask
Nourishing Body Lotion
Crest White Strips

This weekend I challenge you to enjoy a hour to yourself.  Think of it as the lost hour.  Take a bath/shower.  Use the most luxurious body wash you have (or pick some up).  When you get out, moisturize from head to toe.  Slather on a hair masque, wrap in saran wrap and put your facial mask out.  Next apply your crest white strips and set down with a good book or magazine for 30 minutes.  Rinse out hair, rinse off face, and brush those new pearly whites.  You have officially taken advantage of daylight savings time :)

Stay Sweet,


  1. I too have been searching for something to wear to the prom. I found a great polka dot dress at Gordman's of all places. It's not quite as sexy as I would like but very retro and classy. Can't wait to see what you wear! :)

    1. Wow Gordman's I always forget about that place, until someone says "I got it at gordmans! It is such a good store! i bet it will be super cute! You always look so great! See you then!

  2. Full of flaws and stitched together with good intentions so perfectly sums up how i feel!

    I'm loving your blog BTW! You have great style