Kem's Weekend Candy

So, Kindness Journals, how are they going?  Are you finding inspiration in the everyday?  Ways to give of yourself to a stranger, or even someone that you know?

1. I had two free oatmeal coupons from Starbucks, and gave one to the lady behind me.  Who doesn't like free oatmeal.

2. Mr. Elliott and I left coupons we did use from our shopping trip near the corresponding products in the store.

This Weekend

My younger sister is coming up to take her boyfriend on a surprise trip "to the big city" and so I am looking forward to breakfast with them on Saturday.  My tiki video shoot will happen this weekend at the MK12 Design studio, in Kansas City. (Have you seen Stranger Than Fiction? MK12 did a lot of work in that movie!)  Also, I am attending Cake Fest, here in KC, to help Retro Vixen get the word out about the fabulousness of the store. Plus it is CAKE FEST! No one ever has to ask me twice if I want to help out at a Cake Festival!

My dad's birthday is this weekend! I wished I were closer to celebrate it with him, but I am sure he will enjoy the birthday presents I have packed up and mailed to him.

The stairs are finished, so that it great that we knocked that out of the way.  Well, Mr Elliott knocked it out, I just painted the numbers :)

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and that you are beginning to see the faintness of spring, right around the corner!

Stay Sweet,


  1. Oh man, I love those stairs! Such a cute idea!

    1. thanks. Mr. Elliott and his friend really did all the hard work! I just painted the numbers :)