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I met the amazing duo that is Atomic Cotton when I modeled for their horror t shirt line in February. They are truly a a lot of fun, and have very creative minds that support the machine that is their company. Be sure to stop by their site and say hi and peruse the amazing selection of very cool horror collection. 

Where are you from?  
I am from Overland Park Kansas, and now I live in Olathe Kansas.  In the west side, so that's not so bad.  We live in the second oldest house in Olathe.

How did you get your store/business started?  
It was a dream of mine to have my own t-shirt company since I was a teenager.  I grew up wearing black t's.  It was almost like a uniform.  I just never had the guts to try it on my own.  When I met zack he was so supportive and inspirational that I decided to take a chance.  We used the money we received at our wedding and bought all of our equipment and started screen printing.  Last year I took another chance and we started printing my original illustrations.  There is no turning back now.
The Hot Hot Hot Maggie Adams

Nicki Cole could give Elvira a run for her money

What inspires you?  
Outsider culture, horror movies, hot chicks, Lisa frank, glitter, science fiction, my Dad, my nephew, my childhood, my dogs, Zack, garbage pail kids, the 80's, soul music, finger nail polish, rainbows, unicorns, my friends, babies, monsters, cooking, gardens, books, art, life, stuff, neat things, etc...

How long have you been open and what is some of your favorite items? 
 We have been doing the Atomic Cotton thing for almost a year.  My personal favorites are the Jaws shirt, because I did that for my dad, the Aliens shirt, because I did that for my dad as well but he never got to see it.  I wore the Aliens shirt to his funeral, he would have dug that.

What celebrity would you most like have praise your store/product(s)?  
Clive Barker... oh wait, he already did!  Um... I think that every celebrity or actor that I design a shirt around I would like to have praise from.  Or at least their approval.

If you had to use only one word to describe yourself, what would it be?  

What is your biggest pet peeve?  
People that smack their lips when they eat, or eat with their mouth open.  Any kind of eating noise really grinds my gears.

What are your favorite websites? 
 Facebook, pinterest, teefury, ript apparel, and Mondo

What would people be surprised to learn about you?  
That I weep like a little baby during animal movies, and laugh my butt off during horror movies.  New born babies also make me cry, and super cute things.  um.... I cry a lot, but I live my life with a tough girl exterior.   Its all about balance in life, right?

*Photography by Vixen Pinup Photography, MUA: Candy Cunningham, Hair: Nikki Moreno

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