Sweetness Overload

This week has been a really good one.  I had two photo shoots, plus my first paying one! I had some major scores thrifting this week.  Make sure to check out my vintage store, and scoop up some vintage for yourselves!  

This is the end of the first full week of February, and yet, to me, it feels like it should be March already.  Kansas City finally "experienced" winter this week.  For most of January, and the beginning of February, the temperatures have been more late spring like.  In fact, I had my windows open several days in a row!  Well, frigid temperatures are here.  Mr. Elliott says it is good that it get below freezing, that way we don't have a supremely buggy summer.  (He is an exterminator, I guess he should know, right?!)

Do you have your present(s) for Valentine's Day? I have to finish mine for Mr. Elliott, plus get Alabama Littles' birthday "cake"!

Stay Sweet,