Sweetness Overload

This is what happens when the 'wives' go out for girl day.  Boys get out costumes, get a little too drunk, and have a photo shoot.

This week has been good.  Really good, in fact.  It has been spring like in Missouri, for most of January, and the first several days of February, I didn't have the heat on, and the windows were wide open!  My friend, Megan, and I got together to have some girl time (that always involves getting a mani, and trying on dresses!)  Plus, we are starting a new renovation process on our stairs.  It is going to look great when we are done, but until then I hate it and my dogs are terrified of the sound of their nails on the wooden stairs, so we shall see!

I am off to a photo shoot and am going to enjoy some hot tea and soak in the rain that we so desperately needed!

Stay Sweet,


  1. sweet photos! especially the one of your hand :]

  2. I love that ring!!!

    1. Me too! <3 I will never get rid out it ;)