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I met this wonderful lady by blogging! I love all the new people I get to meet in my little blogging world!  She seems like a woman after my own heart!  I love to introduce handmade and "green" companies to my friends, and I hope that you check this little company out! Besides, who could say no to little treasures that look like delicious yummies?

Where are you from? I hail out of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada but now reside in the beautiful Lake Huron area, a Scottish town called Kincardine, Ontario.

How did your store get started? I began my company Rustic Rootz back in 2001, having the vision years ago of always wanting to become an entrepreneur.. it's in the blood, my family has a lot of entrepreneurial background! I started out creating upscale rustic twig furnishings, settees, benches, trellises, orbs, tables, you name it, anything rustic and found on the ground! Making the furnishings was seasonal, so one night I took a drive to the local Chapters bookstore and went into the do it yourself aisle where I was mesmorized by the books, upon a dozen or so that I laid back down on their shelf, I came across how to make your own soap... ahhhh the light bulb lit up! I was always wanting to make my own soap, now was my chance!! I took a few months and concocted in my kitchen trial and error, wanting something more exquisite and not like the book, I started making up my own formulas and recipes... The soap I made ended up going to friends, family, neighbours, anyone who wanted it... gift giving became simple! The next season, the Spring, I ended up applying into juried crafts/arts shows and started to get my name out there.

What inspires you? The love of baking and food, I turn just about anything you would bake into bodycare: my bakery inspired bodycare is taking off nicely, I was inspired by my late Gran who was originally from Scotland, she had a bakeshop before I was born but her stories, and when she lived with us, the most amazing pastries, breads, cakes... you name it, all made with love, & I introduced the line of soapcakes, cupcakes, truffles, etc in her honour. She would be proud!

What are some of your favorite products? My favourite products would be: Cupcake Soap topped with Bodybutter Icing for shaving! Everything is eco-organic, chemical and dye free, nut free! Another favourite would be the solid shampoo bars!! I have tried many but nothing like these ones, I formulated them with a low pH balance that is great for skin, hair and scalp.  Men, women alike buy them and love them, they love the shine, the difference is in natural products! They also travel well, and no need for plastic containers filling up our landfill.

If a celebrity could use your product, who would you want it to be? The celebrity of choice who I would love to try my products would be Bernie Dexter, absolutely adore her.  (Plus she is featuring Rustic Rootz on her website!)

One word to describe me would be: UNIQUE

What is your biggest pet peeve? It would be hypocritical people they say one thing but do another.

What is your favortie website: mine in the making, pinterest (for ideas) the list is long

Dream job: I am living the dream right now...

What would people would most be surprised to learn about you?  eventually educate consumers worldwide regarding eco-organic, travel friendly bodycare products versus the mass produced, chemically altered ones found on the shelves... I honestly would love to lecture, introduce and inspire!

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Stay Sweet,

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