Sweet DIY Project ~ Winter Window Box

As you can see, from the first picture, these baskets were looking so sad!  After a trip to hobby lobby, they are looking in much better shape!

Items needed for Winter Window Box:
Window Box(es)
Greenery (either from nature, or fake.  I used a combo of both)
Filler (pine cones, berries, beads, branches, etc.  I used pussy willows, beads and stems)

I started by making sure my baskets till had plenty of soil in them.  I then ran ribbon (I selected green) through the baskets.  I did this just to create a layer of interest.  It blends in rather well, but the small stripe of satin makes it look a little fancy.

I them add in the basket a layer of pine boughs that we got from the woods behind our house.  On top of that, I placed a big stem of fake greenery that I got at hobby lobby.  I then just wove in some branches and  bead picks that I had leftover in my craft closet.

I am pleased how it turned out, and it will last until spring! Then I can actually plant real plants back in the boxes.

Stay Sweet,

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