Sweet DIY Project ~ Vintage Handkerchief Valance

This is an idea for how to dress up a window using vintage handkerchiefs.  They could be family heirlooms, or simple picked up at a thrift store/antique shop.

Supplies you will need:
Curtain rod and supports
Cafe Clips (you can find these at craft stores or in the craft section at most stores)
A selection of your favorite vintage hankies.

My dining room window measures 39 inches, so I used 7 handkerchiefs.  Fold your hankies to create a point or "v" formation.  Arrange them in a line and attach the Cafe Clips to your handkerchiefs.  Slid the rings of the clips onto your curtain rod and affix to the supports.  Ta Da! You have fancied up your window with a little cheer!

Stay Sweet,

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