Valentine's Themed Photos

 These photos were taken by Steve Lewandowski in Kansas City last weekend!  I love the way they turned out!  Please visit more of his work on his Flickr site, and tell him I sent you!

Happy Early Valentines Day <3

Stay Sweet,


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    1. aww thanks! Its all a lighting trick! *wink*

  2. These are gorgeous and super sexy, mama! I wish I could pull off the bombshell look, but I'm a bit too shy. Right now, anyways :P

    I'd looove to do a pinup shoot someday.
    Thanks for sharing! Love your blog :)


    1. You are so sweet! Thanks so much! You know what is funny, I have been on set with some of the most shy girls, and if you are with the right photographer (I can recommend one to you) they will create the best environment possible! I always thought it might be easier if I took a friend with me, but I have figured out that, for me, I did a better job when I didn't have a friend with me.

      Every woman should do a pinup shoot, because sometimes you need to be reminded how amazing YOU truly are!

      Your blog is too cute! You have got yourself a new stalker!

  3. These came out really nice Kem! I love the setting <3

    1. Thanks! I thought the photographer did so well! They turned out better than I ever imagined!