Kem's Weekend Candy

So, Kindness Journals, how are they going?  Are you finding inspiration in the everyday?  Ways to give of yourself to a stranger, or even someone that you know?

1.  I gave a beloved DSW coupon to another shopper to use.  I couldn't find anything I needed, and the coupon would be expiring before I would be able to use it.  The shopper was so ecstatic, I think I made her day, which made mine.

2. I left a book at a local Starbucks for someone else to enjoy.  The book, 'The Hour I First Believed' by Wally Lamb, is his latest release.  My favorite author is Wally Lamb, and I have read this book several times over.  I left a note on the inside for the "finder" to pass the book along whenever they were through.

This Weekend
I know I told you that I would update you on our Stairs Re-do, but guess what, they are still not quite finished.  They should be done, maybe Sunday(?), so next week will be the big reveal!

What area in your home could use a little sprucing up? I picked my stairs, but for you, maybe you want to make your bathroom a little more luxurious?

  • Get some new extra big, comfy towels
  • Get a new shower curtain that is fabric and has a spa like feel or tranquil pattern
  • Purchase a new candle (soy, of course!) that smells like spring! (Instant pick me up!)
  • Maybe indulge in a new shampoo/conditioner.  I love Biolage, and it smells amazing!
Or, maybe a day out in the yard would give you a new outlook?

  • Purchase new mulch for your flower beds.  It is amazing how some new mulch makes everything seem like a landscaper has just visited your house! Instant Gratification
  • Purchase some bird seed and a new Bird Feeder.  Hang the feeder near a window so that you can enjoy to new wildlife near you home!
  • Get a new welcome mat for you front door.  There are some really cute ones from Smith & Hawkins at Target, just in time for spring!

I am going to finish up confirming with Mr. Elliott, that we have plans for Valentine's Day. (One year (very early in our marriage), he made no plans, and let me tell you, not a good idea Mr. Elliott)

Also, Alabama Littles' birthday is on Valentine's Day! He is the sweetest little dog, so we will be celebrating him! (He is going to be 6, but if you ask me again, I will tell you he is 6 weeks old.  I don't want my puppies to grow up.)

Stay Sweet,

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