Kem's Weekend Candy

Since tomorrow is going to be the end of the month, Sweetness Overload, I thought I would do my photo week in review.  This week, I started my new job, so no more vacation, although that six week hiatus was desperately needed, and enjoyed!

I did manage to make it to Springfield, last weekend, and got to hang out with friends and family!  This weekend I am cramming in a Tiki Video Shoot, as well as a live modeling gig at the Art School.  Both are new to me, as I haven't done a video shoot, nor have I posed for an Art School, so we shall see how it goes.

PhotoMementos // Red Velvet Shop <3 Elsie and Emma // St. Dallas & The Sinners // Sertoma Chili Cookoff // Mexican Villa (one of my favs) // Pusheens can't get any cuter // Newest Tattoo // PhotoMementos

Stay Sweet,

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