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So, Kindness Journals, how are they going?  Are you finding inspiration in the everyday?  Ways to give of yourself to a stranger, or even someone that you know?

1.  This past week is snowed, finally, (hopefully the first and last time) so, I shoveled my sidewalk, the sidewalk to my house, and then shoveled the neighbors sidewalk too, while they were at work.

2. Today, I washed my car, left extra money in the timer, and told the person behind me to hurry into the stall to get my leftover time.
This Weekend
I am sad to say that the stairs are not finished.  It got cold again, in Kansas City, and we need it to be warmer, so that when we polyurethane the stairs, we can at least open the windows the ventilate the house.  Maybe next week, I will have it complete? Who knows.

I am traveling to Springfield, while you read this, to hang out with my family and have a birthday celebration dinner for the Grandpa, and well about 10 other family members, with birthdays in February.  (Maybe not 10, but close)
I haven't been in Springfield since Christmas, so it will be nice to see family members and old friends.  I am not sure what all is planned for the weekend, but this will be my last weekend as a free woman.  Monday I start my new job!

What do you have planned for the weekend?  Are you going to try to incorporate something kind for your family or friends into the weekend?  I would love to hear what you are doing!

Stay Sweet,

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  1. Enjoy the weekend with the family in Springfield! I'm going to celebrate boyfriends birthday :]