10 Things about Me

I thought it might be fun to share some quirky things about myself.  I would love for you to share back.  I always find it amusing to find out funny things about people, especially after I have known them forever!

  1. I am terribly afraid of sharks.  Like, past the point of scared.  I think it is a full on phobia.  I can't look at sharks, watch shows or cartoons with sharks (No, I have never watched Jaws or Finding Nemo), look at pictures of sharks, can't stand the thought of going to Sea World  I have no idea where this stems from, as it has always been apart of me.  I do however have the greatest infatuation with the ocean.
  2. I am a vegetarian and have been one since I was 5.  No, I was not raised by vegetarian parents, I live in the midwest, for crying out loud. I found out in kindergarten that meat came from animals, and that was the end of the story.
  3. I do not own a microwave. I have not owned one for about 2 years.  In fact, they kind of freak me out.
  4. I drink at least one cup of hot tea, everyday.  With cream and sugar, please, and I have been drinking it that way my whole life.  (I can attribute that to my grandparents living in England, and passing it onto my mom)
  5. My favorite color is green.  I will always gravitate towards something that is green. However, lately, I have noticed that I am getting quite a collection of orange things, and I can't explain it.
  6. I am naturally a very shy person.  I think most people that know me, might disagree with that statement, but I am a cancer sign through and through.
  7. I am addicted to all things "social media".  I can't think about not being connected via twitter, tumblr, Instagram, my blog, or through my iPhone.  In fact, I know that it is an addiction, but one that I don't want to give up!
  8. I will always text you back immediately, but probably won't answer your call.  This is HORRIBLE! I know it, but for some reason, texting to me is just simpler.  Quick, to the point, and an easy way to remember things.  
  9. I have had some awesome jobs in my short life.  My very first job, courtesy of my father who has sweet connections, was at a graphic design company.  I got to paint, airbrush, and do things that most 16 years old don't get to do.  I loved that job!  It was hard work, but I loved it!
  10. I have never met a puppy, that I did not like!
How about you?  Let me know something I didn't know about you!

Stay Sweet,


  1. i have serious shark issues also~ ive blogged about them a few times. but, in a sick was im the opposite of you in that i have to watch documentaries, etc and research them, but am more terrified of them than anything else one earth at the same time.... weirdness!!!

    1. Oh i love learning more about sharks, I guess so I can 'be prepared" lol. But no, looking at them in a book, or watching them on TV, I can't do it. I KNOW that I would die of a heart attack, before the shark attacked me, just because I am that scared of them. We have to put Discovery channel on parental block during shark week, just so I don't stumble across sharks. Its pathetic!

  2. Thanks for sharing this Kem! I feel like I know you a little more now :)

    I'm also in the transition of becoming a vegetarian. Microwaves are sort of weird but they're useful and I'm afraid of sharks as well. seen too many movies and they're indeed vicious!

    1. I guess there are other people out there, scarred of sharks, like me! lol. I always find people who LOVE sharks, and I think what is wrong with you? How do you like something that could make you a snack? :)