Sweetness OverLoad

We celebrated Winston's 9th birthday and Alabama had to get a little piece of the action.  I sent out about a billion resumes, ate some delicious soup (because for some reason KC decided it was winter for one day), asked Mr. Elliott to build a fire everyday this week, enjoyed a hot fudge sundae, and got a very nice card from my dad.  Besides being on a job hunt, my week was really good.  Full of inspiration, imagination, hard work, and one too many days spent in heels.

I hope your week was wonderful!

Stay Sweet,


  1. Lovely week! Your pup must've been happy :]

    great last photo!

  2. Your doggy is so cute! I wish my dog was smaller like yours because my dog, Buck, is super big and fat and he tackles me all the time. It is annoying.
    Also your picture with the lamp is very pretty, I love the reflection of the light onto the picture message.

  3. what a lucky birthday dog winston is! sending you some sweet on your sunday!