Shape Up your Closet 4.7

I just hosted another Closet Intervention.  My first for 2012!  I am hoping to make this a series, so get ready to see more this year!

This sweet family, The Bristow's, invited me over to help them get, what I call "The Hesitation" out of their closet.  "The Hesitation" is that moment you look in your, very full closet, and either hesitate to pick something out, because you either think you have nothing, or you are overwhelmed by your choices.

You should never be overwhelmed by your closet.  Never.  You should only have what you love, and what looks good on you, in your closet.

With some tips, and charm, I went in, helped them sort out what stayed, what was tossed, and what could be donated or sold.

These two have a great grip on a wardrobe that lent itself to going out, going on a date, or enjoying a vintage party.  However, it was very apparent where the Mr. and the Mrs. was lacking.  A very, very slim casual wardrobe.

After looking through everything, and helping them pair together new day time and casual outfits, I provided a list of where they can fill in the gaps.  I couldn't believe this couple, with a small very cute little boy, had such an amazing vintage wardrobe, but nothing that could just be thrown together to comfortably go to the grocery store, or take a walk in outside.

Upon leaving, I believe we had got to a point where the couple could see where they needed to build, and we got all of the 'hesitation' out of their lives!  We loaded my car up with the donations (cause I know this is where people fall off the wagon, they don't take the donations immediately, and it ends up back in their closets!) and left them with homework.  I can't wait to see how their closet begins to grow, only this time with direction!

That is how you get things to the dry cleaners! 

These combat boots were Mr. Bristow's fathers boots from the war! How cool is that?!?!

Stay Sweet,


  1. Yay for shaping up! I love that leopard dress <3

  2. Love it! This was such a great experience, you are a closet goddess! You really helped us know how to use what we did have, and gave us the confidence to get rid of items that did not fit, were too old, etc. It feels so good to go to our closet every morning and be able to put on any of our clothes, no more agonizing or indecision! We're keeping it up, and now my next step is to do the same in our son's closet! You even assured us that dry cleaning is not scary, or too much trouble. We were so excited to learn that they can even fix minor problems, no need to find a tailor! So now our clothes will last even longer.
    Oh, and thanks to our rave reviews of this experience, my Mom has been inspired to do the same with her closet! Armed with the knowledge you gave, she too can be cleansed!