Living life sweetly, everyday.

As the title of this post, and also my 'tagline', I thought this year would be fun to kick off with 52 weeks of sweetness!

Basically the idea is, every week, I am going to be working diligently on my 52 New Years' Resolutions, but along with challenging myself and enjoying my goals, I thought it might be fun to do one sweet thing for someone else.  

The idea is actually a challenge for each of you too!  Are you ready?  Okay, so here is the plan.

  1. Get yourself a cute new notebook or planner.  One that you want to carry with you all the time.
  2. Next make sure to write all of your Goals for 2012 in your planner.  If you can see them daily, they will always be at the forefront of your mind.
  3. Next, start thinking of new ways to treat yourself, plus one stranger or friend to something sweet each week.  
  4. Keep track of your sweetness in your planner.
  5. This planner can also be a way to journal, plan, dream, etc throughout the year!
I have always kept journals.  Really since I was in high school.  It is fun the look through them to see what was going on at certain points in my life.  In fact, my present to my husband, the night we got married, was a journal that I kept from the day we got engaged until the day before we got married.  It is funny to reread it now, nearly 10 years later, and see how ridiculous I was.

Every week, on Saturday, I am going to post my sweetness for the week.  You should too! Reply with what you did for yourself, and for someone else.  I think here would be a great place to get new inspiration too.  Maybe you will do something super amazing for someone else, and I would like to replicate it, or vice versa.  Either way it is a win-win!

I am going to give myself a head start.  Today, while in line at the drive thru at Starbucks, I paid for the person behind me.  I had no idea how much extra it was going to be, but I knew that if someone did that for me, it would be setting up the rest of my day on the right foot. *just an idea to play with for all your sweeties out there*

Stay Sweet & Can't wait to see what you do,