Kem's Weekend Kandy

Kindness Journals, are they working?  Have you been trying to find ways to help someone out, without expecting reciprocation, or immediate gratification?

1. This week my kindness was in the form of donation.  I dropped off some clothes that Mr. Elliott and I had not wore in a long time.  I did this at one of the drop boxes in town.  I am calling it a faceless donation.  Clothes that are still good, in style, just not being used by my family.

This weekend is going to be the wrap up of January.  I am so glad cause that means we are 5 weeks closer to spring.  I am not complaining, because our winter has been fantastic!  Not too cold, just a dusting  of snow.  Not bad.

I am going to be working on a new DIY.  I always have a blank front porch after December through about April.  There are no holidays that you decorate the outside of your house for during those months, and I have to say, my porch and window boxes get a little sad looking.  Here is some inspiration I came across.


Wish me luck! I am not sure what I am going to come up with.

Stay Sweet,


  1. Such a great quote.. I love the winter pine cones! Have a wonderful day.

    XX Hilary

  2. can wait to see what you come up with with the DIY! great quote :]

  3. Good luck and have fun! Seems like that could bring lots of good times in just creating! In the spirit of your kindness journal we thought you'd love the freebie we're sharing in honor of our pay it forward Friday posts. It would be a really fun, free goodie to add to your journal. Feel free to come play and share!

    Happy seeing beautiful!

  4. Love that quote :)