Kem's Weekend Kandy

How are your kindness journals coming along?  Have you found new or interesting ways to spread some love to a perfect stranger?

1. I wash at the car wash, washing my car, because it was beautiful out, and my car was crazy dirty.  Everyone and their brother seemed to be at the car wash, so the line was long.  I finished washing my car, and instead of just, standing there, waiting until my time completely ran out, and jogged to the car behind me and told them to hurry and pull in, because there was still time left.  They basically didn't have to spend as much money, because once you drop in one quarter it automatically resets the time and doesn't charge you the full dollar to start.  I hope they continued this trend, cause, like I said, the line was looooong.  

2. I know you are not supposed to do this, but I dropped some change into a meter for a car that was parked in an expired spot.  

This weekend should be a quite one for me.  I am thinking about trying my hand at a few projects, however, they are going to be BIG projects, so I might need to wait until the Mr. is around to help.  One project that I am starting to work on is learning how to sew a tshirt quilt.  My gramma made me one, out of my old roller derby shirts.  I love it, and seeing as how I just told you about my love for quilts, you would know that this is something I am going to treasure forever!

After making my husband have a closet intervention, he amassed a large amount of old band tshirts that he couldn't part with, so this is where to tshirt quilt is coming back to mind.  He loves some of these shirts to death, so he will still be able to memorialize them, just without wearing them.  

I plan on taking a trip to our local fabric store to pick up some fabric for the back and blocking between shirt panels.  If you have ever made one of these, please let me know! I need all the help I can get!

Also, Happy Birthday Mom!  You and I have BIG birthday's to celebrate this year.  I hope that you enjoy your day, and get your present from me! Please don't tell me, "this is too fancy to wear, I will have to save it"  Wear it TODAY! Pretend like every day is your birthday!

Stay Sweet,

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