Kem's Kandy for the Weekend

I like to keep it positive on the ol blog, but last week was a very hard week.  I am sure if you follow me on Facebook, or twitter, you know that I lost my job.  Now, that is all I am going to say, because that negative energy needs nothing more feeding it.  It was a shock, emotionally and, really, every way that a shock can affect you.  I am going to leave it at that, because I have already closed the door on that chapter in my life.  Not the dental field, just that particular office :)

As I have previously stated, I am firm believer that you get what you put out, so with all this focus on the good, I have to tell you, I was surprised the amount of good that came back to me this week.

1.  I called to cancel my gym membership, because well, it is not a necessity right  now.  I just joined Scott Fitness in Kansas City Missouri, located in briarcliff.  Let me tell you, the owner stated that he doesn't let anyone drop their membership because of loss of job.  I can continue to work out there until June, for free, or until I get new employment.  Have you ever, in your life, heard of this?  I was amazed.  Stunned. So happy.  If you live in the KC area, please check out this gym.  There are no monthly fees, no contracts, no commitments.  You just go, work out, and don't have to worry about signing the next 3 years of your life away.  Contact John at and tell him I sent you.  He is an amazing individual.  

2.  I let a mom, with a very full cart, and a screaming child, checkout in front of me at the store.  Now, I don't have children, let alone a screaming one, but I could tell this mom was frazzled and just needed to get out of the store.  I hope I can chalk that one up for a good point, cause I needed to get out of the store just as bad!

What nice things are in your notebook this week?

So this weekend, I am going to (continue) to de-stress and with that comes a little bit of thrifting and a lot of cleaning and redecorating.  I am going to call it 'de vacances' (french for vacation, as it seems less sad in french)

What plans do you have for the weekend?

Stay Sweet,

PS I am ignoring the fact that it is friday the 13th. IGNORING IT!

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