Kem's Kandy for the Weekend

Have you broke out your notebook yet?  What nice things did you do to cross off your 52 weeks of living sweetly or your resolution(s)?

This week, I bought the girl behind me a cake pop and latte from Starbucks, with a card that I had got as a gift.  So really, that was a win-win.  Win for me, cause it was free.  Win for her, cause it was free!

I also was able to gift a patient with re-treatment for free.  Something that would usually cost a parent several thousand dollars, just because their kid didn't wear there retainers.  That was something amazing I was able to do, and it made the parent and kid's day to know that I cared so much to help them get back an amazing, straight smile.

Those were two things I was able to do, and the week is not even over! I hope that you can respond with ways that you are working towards your resolutions, or something sweet you did for a complete stranger!

Just to prove a point, that you get back what you put out, I received a sweet note, along with a gift card, from a patient and parent that I worked late one day to help them out before the holidays.  They absolutely did not have to recognize that I was staying late to help them, but they did, and for that I am grateful!

Have a wonderful weekend! I am spending mine with my 'vintage lady' friend Megan, shopping, getting our nails done, and then thrifting Sunday with Mr. Elliott.
Stay Sweet,

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