Simple Sunday Wisdom.

To me, there is nothing better than crawling into your bed, when it is made with clean, extra soft linens.  I love getting new sheets and bedding, especially when I know I have a long weekend coming up!

Sunday's, for Mr. Elliott and I, consist of sleeping in, cuddling with our puppies, and enjoying tea or coffee while relaxing in our most comfortable bed.

I usually try to update our bedding once every 6 months of so.  I just realized the other day that it has been over a year since our last update, so I will be scoping out sales this weekend to update our bedroom, plus create a warm and inviting slumber.

So of my favorite updates to get are:

  • New Pillows.  If you can fold your pillow in half, and it does not immediately spring back, it is time for new pillows.
  • New Sheets.  I usually by two sheet sets, so that I can always have a set to use, while to other is in the wash.
  • Duvet cover.  I love the amount of change you can get just by changing your duvet cover!
I am also thinking of looking into some other new items.  A feather bed topper to put on our mattress.  An electric blanket for the winter.  A new dust ruffle, preferably one that is tailored and crisp.  A new rug for our bedroom, along with some new lamps.

Our bed room is shades of gray, light blue, and chocolate browns.  I like to keep things in the vein of comfort and colors that induce calmness and tranquility.

What would you update in your bedroom as a way to ring in the New Year in style and comfort?

Stay Sweet,


  1. If it's a feather pillow and it doesnt spring back it's time for a new one. If it's a foam pillow, you should fold it in half and put a shoe on it... if it still unfolds, keep it... if not... time for a new one. #oprahtoldme

  2. Thanks for this post! I just remembered i need new pillows :]

  3. Stopping by from Comment love.
    That is so true about the pillows. And duvet covers are my favorite - they're such an easy, cost-effective way to update the look of your bedroom. I love IKEA for them - they always have amazing sales on their stuff!

  4. The bedroom pics you posted look amazing. I would without a doubt, put in new carpeting. The stuff in there now is a wretched turquoise from 1972...or something.

  5. I am the same way with our bed. I looove getting into my bed if the sheets have just been washed, and my heating blanket has been warning up my side of the bed for awhile. It's so cozy! I never knew that about pillows. I've had mine for... 7 years now? A disgrace, I know, but it forms to my head and I love it! =)